DIY Monday’s ~ The Kissing Clothes Pin

I love DIY’s that take ordinary household items and turn them into something entirely unexpected!  Brooklyn Bride was looking for a unique cake topper and made an easy peasy DIY project that transformed a simple clothes pin into an adorable kissing bride and groom.  It’s creative, functional and versatile perfect for our crafty Hawaii brides!!

  1. Start off with a large clothespin.  On half of the pin sketch with a pencil a tuxedo with a bow tie, on the other half sketch a wedding dress.
  2. Sketch accessories and facial expressions (Be creative!!)
  3. Using acrylic paint, paint over sketches
  4. Finish off by gluing a piece of lace for the bridal veil and you’re done!

This formal version is adorable but you could easily change it to fit your wedding theme!  For a Hawaii wedding you could paint the groom in an aloha shirt and maile lei and the bride with a white dress and plumeria flower in her hair. LOVE IT!!

Hope you enjoyed our Monday DIY Project ~ What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

xo, Kelli
Best Day Ever
Hawaii Wedding Planning & Event Design

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