Keep your Hawaii Wedding on Budget with this great App!

Let’s face it, when it comes to planning any event these days, a budget is a must, and a good way of staying on that budget is by keeping track of what you’ve spent. And if you’re like me, by the end of a couple shopping trips, you’re wallet ends up overflowing with receipts. Then those receipts get stuffed into a file labeled “To Be Scanned”. The file builds up until the day I decide to stop dragging my feet, have a sat at the computer with the scanner warmed up, and finally tackle the task of scanning those little slips of paper. But no more! I have this app on my phone called JotNot and it allows me to scan all my receipts, no matter where I am. A task that would normally take at least half an hour, loading up the scanner, waiting for the scanner to preview, then cropping, then scanning, then saving, repeat 4+ times….literally took only five minutes with my phone app. 18 receipts in 5 minutes! From there I can conveniently swipe through my scanned receipts whenever I want, while at the computer inputting expenditures into a budget or while on a shopping trip trying to figure out how much I spent on a particular item. I just saved myself some time, and time is money!

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