Do we really need to go on a Honeymoon?

Ok – so in addition to being an event planner – I’ve takin on the ultimate event – My wedding – and come across a little predicament. If any of my brides were asking me if they should or should not take a honeymoon – I’d say – hands down – TAKE A HONEYMOON! Final answer. And then I’d find a way to squeeze it into their budget..

But when it comes to my wedding, to be honest, we hadn’t intended on not taking a honeymoon. After seeing the final budget we just didn’t think we could afford it. And what about the after-wedding clean up? Somebody has to stay at the beach house and take down the gazillions of decorations i spent hours, days, months creating. We thought there was just no way we could take a honeymoon even if we wanted to – so instead, we’d skip it. Save it for later, the next year maybe.

But lately – I’ve been reconsidering.

“You need a honeymoon because the day before your wedding when you realize you still have more than one carload of crap to haul to the venue and you’re about ten seconds away from a breakdown, a passing moment of excitement about your honeymoon can pull you back from the brink.

You need a honeymoon because “OMG we’re married!” is too powerful a squee to be confined to your usual spaces. You need a honeymoon because throwing a wedding is hard work and when it is over, you deserve a vacation. Don’t skip the honeymoon. You don’t have to budget for a ten-day tour of Europe or a stay in a fancy tropical resort. Your honeymoon might be a couple nights in a B&B. But you need some time away after your wedding, even if that time is short and that “away” is not that far.”

excerpt from the broke ass bride “Take a Honeymoon”.

After $16,000 whats an extra – $300 for a hotel room & $150 for a cleaning crew. . not much right? Honestly, maybe because I’ve been so personally engrossed in cutting down the budget – to me $450, sounds like a lot. BUT, maybe this is the part that is worth it? The part you will really regret if you don’t do it. I mean taking a honeymoon 1 year down the line does it really still feel like a honeymoon? I don’t know? If i can tell my clients without a single hesitation to “take a honeymoon!”. It really shouldn’t be such a difficult decision for me, right?



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