Cousin Kathy vs the Wedding Planner

Now that the big rock has been slipped onto it’s rightful nesting place, bring on the daunting process of planning your best day ever. If the guys think that finally now they’ve gone down on one knee and the question has been popped, they can relax a little without the pressure and stress of getting the proposal just right. Think again! Wedding planning as opposed to planning the perfect proposal is a whole another ballgame. The ante has been raised, no longer are you just dealing with the perfect setting, timing, the perfect bling or the sweetest declaration of love that will melt her heart and bring her to tears, now you have to consider the perfect venue, great food, entertainment, decor, seating charts, party favors, a registry, vendor appointments, food tasting, fittings, gown shopping, floral selections, guest lists, timelines, deadlines…the list goes on. While it’s very tempting to just have cousin Kathy plan and coordinate your wedding, unless cousin Kathy is a professional, you may still be in over your heads. Here are a few things to consider when wavering between hiring a professional Hawaii Wedding Planner or cousin Kathy.

It’s what they do for a living. Planning a wedding is very time-consuming. If you’re doing it on your own, it may even feel like a second job. There are calls to be made, meetings to plan, vendors to research. A wedding planner acts much like a matchmaker between the engaged couple and the various vendors. They know which vendor would be most suitable for their client. Cousin Kathy would still have to “shop around” for information what is already part of a wedding planner’s expertise.

Wedding planners are extremely organized, down to itty bitty details. With all that is involved with planning the best day ever, every detail has it’s place. One must remain abreast with all developments, tasks pending, deadlines and timelines. They know who to call, when to call, and when things need to get done. Without organization, you’re more likely to go over budget, overlook certain details, and end up with a wedding day short of being the best day ever.

So let’s say you ended up having cousin Kathy plan and coordinate your wedding. On the day of your wedding the dj was a no show, now what? With cousin Kathy running the show, you’ll most likely end up with a wedding reception with no dj. On the other hand, a wedding planner would be able to quickly troubleshoot the situation, make a few phone calls, pull some strings and hopefully get a replacement to work your reception. Wedding planners have a developed relationship with the vendors that they’d more likely be able to call in favors.

Planning a wedding entails a lot more than the less experienced may realize. Some things are better left to the professionals.

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