5 Tips from a Hawaii Wedding Planner – How to Plan the Perfect Beach House Wedding

Having a Hawaiian Wedding on of the beautiful islands of Hawaii can be a wonderful and amazing experience. Ocean breezes, blue skies, breathtaking mountain tops, birds chirping from coconut trees and you and the love of your life exchanging vows to be together for a lifetime. Could you imagine a more romantic way to say “I do”?
Here are some tips to planning an outdoor beach house wedding from a Hawaii Wedding Planner:
1. Research several beach houses on the islands. Have your wedding planner suggest specific beach houses for you. Finding the right beach house is very important. Consider parking areas, rental fees, event fees and lawn areas. Is there enough room in the lawn for you to set up a 30×40 tent? Where will all the guests park? How many guests are allowed to stay for an event? How many nights are you required to rent the house for? If it is three nights – perhaps you can have out of town guests stay at the house and help you split the fees? There are specific rules for each beach house. Be sure to do your research to find the perfect beach house for you.
2. If you’re having a beach ceremony, keep it short. Ceremony’s on the beach can be beautiful, but should never last too long. It can often be very windy near the ocean and anything not secured down could fly away. Brides be sure to face into the wind so your hair is not blowing into your face, possibly creating photo dissasters. Also, be sure to check the direction of the sun. You do not want guests staring straight into the sun during your ceremony, nor do you want your bride and groom staring straight into the sun. Consider favors that can be created specific for your beach front wedding – a Hawaiian favor could be a personalized bride and groom bottle of sunscreen. Another possibility is turning your ceremony program into a fan.best day ever hawaii, hawaii wedding planning, Todd and Maree, hawaii wedding,Papailoa beach, papailoa beach wedding, beach wedding, oahu beach wedding, hawaii beach wedding, oahu wedding
3. Always have a back-up plan. You can never tell when it will rain on the islands. Passing showers are frequent and can be unexpected. Always have a tented area or covered area set up as a back-up plan just incase it rains. You don’t want your guests waiting an hour for the showers to pass.

4. Be sure to keep all the food and other miscellaneous items covered. Food umbrellas can be rented and can be a beautiful accessory to your wedding. They come lit with christmas lights and are sure to keep your dinner, desserts, candy bar or other miscellaneous areas dry.
5. Be clear about house rules. To make things easier for guests and to keep everything running smoothly, have your MC’s read out the house rules during your reception. This will keep the party going smoothly and everyone will know what they can and cannot do at your beach house.sarah and david, sunset ranch, sunset ranch wedding, ranch wedding, outdoor wedding, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, best day ever hawaii
There are lots of other tips that only the locals would know. Be sure to check with your local wedding planner to get all the details to making your romantic island wedding a reality.
Erika and Nicole are well known Hawaii Wedding Planners on the island of Oahu. They have helped couples transform the ordinary beach house into a romantic wedding fantasy. Let Nicole and Erika help you plan your outdoor beach house wedding today.

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