“One Day” starring Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess.

Being a Hawaii Wedding Planner involves watching corny love stories on a regular basis. It is part of the job, a necessity. Ok, and maybe I’m partly just a sucker for romantic movies anyway.

In any case, I recently came across the latest addition to my new best friend, the wonderful and amazing $1 Red Box, a movie starring Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess titled “One Day”. The story centers around two main characters Em (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) and follows them throughout their lives beginning with their college graduation. A very dorky Em (short for Emily) and Dex (or Dexter) are sort of friends, maybe more of acquaintances when the movie begins. They somehow end up in bed together after drinking a bit much that first night but due to unseen circumstances don’t end up sleeping together and instead decide “to be friends”.

The story follows their friendship, picking up on the same date every year, throughout the years. Though there is a clear connection and admiration between the two they never really end up together, and it is obvious this is mostly due to the clear fact that Dex is not ready. The two have their own individual ups and downs, are individually fulfilled and unfulfilled, but remain in touch and are always there for each other. This is until one day Dex pushes Em a bit too far and he is left without her friendship for several years. It is durring this time when he begins to realize how much he really cares for her. Also, at this time where his life begins to unravel and hers begins to flourish – though in both of their lives there always feels to be something missing.

One Day is a love story, but what is more lovely about it is how it feels so real. The characters aren’t perfect but are exceptionally likeable. I found myself wanting to see their relationship work out but understanding that it was just not possible. The story has a few twists at the end that really throw you… and make you feel completely joyful and saddened almost all at once, but I won’t reveal any of it – just incase you decide to watch the movie – which btw, I totally think you should.

Overall I thought One Day was completely touching and a wonderfully emotionally moving glimpse into a rare but oh so beautiful love story. Anne Hathaway was amazing – as she always is & Jim Sturgess just as brilliant. The two made you feel completely connected to them in a story all to close to real life. I will say though that my husband was crying at the end of it. I guess that means it was pretty good… We ended up discussing the movie for 30 minutes afterwards so I guess that would say that besides being enjoyable, it really touched us. Expect to walk away with a greater appreciation for life, love and those little moments we all hold dear.

4.5 stars / out of 5:) Rent it!!