Personalized Wedding Activity Book

Why not do something different for your wedding & get personalized activity book for all the kids? Super cute idea to keep the kids entertained during the reception & I’m sure the parents will love looking through it too. Here’s the Activity Book I designed for my wedding in November. The characters I drew even look a lot like us:) And the word search includes all the kids names – how fun!! If this is something you’d like for your wedding, call your Hawaii Wedding Plannercheck out our website or shoot us an email today!fun activities, wedding activities, wedding kids, wedding fun

Me, Kenji & Cally – I think it looks like us.. What do you think?
personalized wedding, personalized wedding activity book, activity book, coloring book
I also added a Personalized Word Search and Crossword Puzzle using of all of the kids’ names who are attending our wedding!  We varied puzzles according to age so the harder ones were for the older kids :)… What questions would you have in your crossword puzzle?
What do you think? Would love to hear your comments! Also, if this is something you’d like for your wedding, check out our website or shoot us an email today!

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