Two Peas in a Pod: This couple’s wedding video will make you cry

Ok – so in my search for a videographer I also, began researching videos – just so that when I did find the perfect videographer I could have a few links in mind as to what I was looking for and wanted for my own video. Here in Hawaii it is difficult to book the good videographers and even more difficult to know who the good videographers are without a hawaii wedding planner. Call us today to get the scoops on who to use and book early! Especially on special dates like 11.11.11 or 9.10.11, etc.. In the meantime, check out this video I stumbled upon. It’s so good! Listen to their vows – so sweet! I warn you- watching this may bring tears…  but more importantly it will remind you what this whole wedding process is all about:), the two of you!

After going through their blog – I actually inquired about getting these guys to come out to Hawaii to do my wedding – and believe it or not they said they DO TRAVEL TO HAWAII! They said they love hawaii and would be happy to make the trip as long as the date is open. For more on Capture Studios or other really good local videographers, email us today!

Gene + Jill // Two Pease in a Pod from capture studios on Vimeo.

5Dmk2 and 7D. Steadicam Merlin in hand. Cinevate Atlas 30 for tracking shots.


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