Restless – An Unusual Love Story

Young, charming & beautiful Annabel (Mia Wasikowska) is dying of terminal brain cancer.  Young, innocent & perhaps even prettier Enoch (Henry Hopper – son of Dennis) crashes funerals, has been kicked out of school and spends most of his time hanging out with Hiroshi – a ghost & Japanese kamakaze pilot. Sounds a bit off the edge right?

Well – before you write Restless off… let me remind you that the movie is directed by the famed Gus Van Sant who has been known for having an innate ability to capture the essence of young love. Van Sant has directed Oscar projects such as Good Will Hunting, Milk and My Own Private Idaho.

I’ll be honest, it was the director who first caught my eye.. but despite the quirkiness, Restless is a touching and innocent love story that titters between love and pain. The characters are beyond likable and as you learn each of their stories, you really gain an understanding and connectedness towards each of them.  I was in tears at the end of it.. but left with a feeling of hopefulness and gratitude.  I’m not sure I’d say this is Oscar worthy – but overall, I found Restless to be an unexpected joy.  It reminded me somewhat of a modern day Harold & Maude.  And for $1 at your local Red Box.. You can’t beat it! 4 Stars.. Highly Recommended.


Another Movie Review by your Favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever!

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