Share the Aloha

Best Day Ever Hawaii is pleased to announce our new charity program “Share the Aloha”. In an effort to become more connected with our local community and to help to make a difference in those less fortunate, sick, or just a little lonely…  we are working together with Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children & Manoa Senior Care, to aid in bringing a little sunshine to those who could really use a smile.

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Heres the idea: Every month we work several local and out of town couples to bring their “Best Day Ever” to life by creating their perfect Wedding Day. This includes organizing and putting together an ornate amount of decoration including tons of beautiful (and often very expensive) florals. Usually the centerpieces are given away to guests and/or family members after the ceremony while miscellaneous decor such as archway pieces, ceremony florals and cocktail table florals are often just discarded and many times tossed. Erika and I had the brilliant idea of donating these florals to Seniors who could use a little cheering up and Children in the Cancer Ward of Kapiolani Medical Center.  Before their wedding, we spend a little time talking with each of our couples about possible donations and coordinate which flowers they would be willing to donate.  Then we contact the Kapiolani Medical Center and Manoa Senior Care facilities to let them know we will have florals for them on a specific date and time.  They let their staff know a special delivery is coming and ask them to figure out which of their patients could use a little cheering up. After the ceremony, we take the designated florals and touch them up (and put them into smaller vases if needed). We add personalized note cards and sign them from Best Day Ever and “Mr & Mrs. XXX” and then we add a little toy or stuffed animal for the children and hand deliver to Kapiolani Medical Center.  With Manoa Senior Care, we make a personalized trip to each of the care homes and spend some time visiting with the seniors and presenting the florals arrangements. It is really a joy and they love spending time with us.  These short simple visits and tiny gifts really make a huge difference in so many lives.. and we feel lucky to be able to be a part of this.

Much thanks to Lisa Chung of Kapiolani Medical Center and Robert Nogami of Manoa Senior Care for all of your assistance and coordination. We will be posting pictures in the upcoming months of our “Share the Aloha” visits. And also, a big thank you to all of our couples who have so graciously made the beautiful floral donations.

xoxo, Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever Hawaii.

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