Q&A: What are your suggestions for a bridal shower venue on Oahu?


Hi Nicole & Erika,

Do you have any suggestions for a bridal shower venue??



From: Nic&Erika
Date: February 23, 2012 2:15:20 PM HST
To: “Diana”
Subject: Re: Bridal Shower Suggestions

Hi Diana,

Bridal showers can be at a friend or family members home.. or at a restaurant. Most restaurants will allow you to have a section or room for your shower as long as you contact them ahead of time. There is often a minimum food/drink fee.. but you can ask your guests to chip in. Generally you would have your bridesmaids plan this event for you or your Hawaii Wedding Planner. Here are a few suggestions on places to have bridal showers on OAHU:

Waioli Tea Room: Cute, restaurant in the back of Manoa Valley that has a really pretty atmosphere and will allow you to have an entire room in the back for your party. The food is very good as well. This is one of my favorites!

waioli tea room, bridal shower

Tikis Waikiki – Beautiful ocean view – good food – they let you decorate and will section of a part of the restaurant for your party

tikis waikiki, tikis lava room, bridal shower, waikiki

Lulus Waikiki – Same thing – great view.. good food – decorations are allowed and they will let you have a section for your shower.

waikiki, lulus waikiki, bridal shower

Mariposa – Located in Ala Moana (inside Neiman Marcus) – this place has the best food (and amazing popovers w/strawberry butter baked fresh daily) – a little pricier but also a great view and wonderful place for a shower.

mariposa, bridal showermariposa, bridal shower


The Pagoda – Their buffet is amazing. Think crab legs, fresh poki, sushi, shrimp tempura, prime rib, and more.. plus an entire dessert bar complete with hot azuki beans and mochi balls and a soft serve machine. Plus, they will let you bring in table decorations. You can even request a pagoda on the Koi pond if your group is not too big. A great place for a shower.

pagoda hotel, bridal shower

Yogur Story – Keeamoku St. – Cute atmosphere, a little cozier in feel than some of the other larger places, good food – and they do let you decorate. Just make sure to make reservations ahead of time. Parking can be tricky though.

yogur story, bridal shower

Hope that helps some:)

Best Day Ever
Hawaii Wedding Planner 

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