Share the Aloha 2.20.12

Erika and I just finished a big Hawaii Outdoor Beach Wedding for a beautiful couple Mary Despe & Tony Perrault on February 18th, 2012. Mary and Tony were gracious enough to join in our efforts to bring a smile to those who could use a little day brightening and donate a bunch of their centerpieces to four of Manoa Senior Care Homes and Kapiolani Medical Center (childrens cancer floor). On the day after their Wedding we spent the morning re-freshening their floral arrangements and writing cards for the seniors and kids signed from “Best Day Ever” and Mary & Tony. We then drove the florals over to the four senior care homes and met so many wonderful new friends. I will honestly say it was just an amazing experience. They were all gleaming… they were SO happy!  Here are some of the photos.waikane wedding, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, mary and tony, best day ever hawaii, outdoor wedding

mary and tony, waikane wedding, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, mary and tony, best day ever hawaii, outdoor wedding

It took a few hours to freshen up the florals that got a bit wind blown from the Hawaii Beach Wedding, but it was well worth it!

One of the residents at Manoa Senior Care was so happy to get the the flowers with her personalized card that when she hugged me, she held on and wouldn’t let go… Then I realized she was crying. Tears of joy! She had to keep lifting up her glasses to wipe her eyes. I will admit to tearing up as well. One little vase of flowers made her so happy. Really makes you appreciate the little things in life:)

mary and tonyPhoto Above. Setting up all the arrangements and prepping them for the car drive at my house in the morning.

I spent some time with Helen from Manoa Senior Care, she was so excited she kept saying “WoWiE. WoWie. wOwie!” and kept making these funny faces, filled with excitement that she had visitors AND flowers!

Meanwhile, Erika was hanging out with Jane. Jane promised to change the water and freshen up the flowers daily. She said she would check on her roommates flowers as well. How cute! She also ran outside of the house to wave goodbye to us and thank us for visiting! We’ll be back Jane:)

And then there was Yuki. Yuki who “Loves Flowers” said she would make sure her arrangement lasted for two weeks. She even stopped playing Sodoku to pose for a photo and give me a hug. I love grandma hugs. They squeeze your hand as and hug you really tightly as though to let you know they love you.. without words.

waikane wedding, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, mary and tony, best day ever hawaii, outdoor wedding

We also made a special trip to Kapiolani Medical Center and left the florals with Lisa Chung. We were told that the arrangements would go to special children on the cancer floor who needed a little cheering up. Unfortunately due to privacy rules, we could not visit or take photos. But – We are sure that the kids who received the special flowers and cards did have a big smile for the rest of the day. A special thanks to Mary and Tony for donating many of their beautiful centerpieces!

If anyone else would like to donate some of their floral arrangements to our “Share the Aloha” project, we would be happy to pick them up and make special visits for you. Click here to learn more about “Share the Aloha”. We always post photos and will let you know exactly who you are bringing a BIG smile to. PS>You do not have to be our client to donate florals:)

xoxo, Nicole
Your Hawaii Wedding Planner

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