Tips on How to Change Your Name

Every girl deals with the big decision of whether or not to change your name. Is too old fashioned? Or do you like the idea of being “Mr & Mrs XXXX”. It’s really a personal decision and completely up to you. But once you’ve decided to change your name, whats next? Well – heres the low down on what to expect.

Once you get married – it takes 3 to 6 months for your marriage license to come in the mail, so enjoy your old name for a bit more while you can. Once your marriage license comes in the mail, have a celebratory dinner – it’s official!! And then.. you have quite a few things to get done…  Here’s a list I gathered which is very informative and to the point from

How to change your name when you get married

As with so many legal matters, the rules change by municipality, so check with your local city hall. But generally, the steps you should take are:

Before the wedding

  • Tell your job so they can start the process of changing your email address, and your business cards.
  • Tell your bridesmaids and family that you’re changing it, just in case anyone checks with them before getting anything monogrammed.
  • Make your honeymoon reservations using yourMAIDEN name. You won’t have a passport or drivers license in your new name yet, so you’ll need your tickets to match your documentation.

After the wedding

  • Get a new social security card
    Once you get your marriage license (which usually takes a couple of weeks to arrive in the mail), download a form from the Social Security website. Then take that completed form, the license and your identification to your local social security office to get a new card. (if you’ve gotten creative with your last name, you may also need to go through more formal name change procedures.)
  • Get a new drivers license
    You’ll also want to change your name on the other main form of identification – your drivers license. Most DMVs will change it with a copy of a marriage certificate, although others require you to wait until your social security card has been changed. Check with your local DMV for their rules.
  • Change that paperwork
    Visit your office’s HR department again with your new social security card to change your name on financial information, including your tax deductions. You’ll want to be credited properly with those deductions come tax time, and with your social security contributions when you retire.For everyone else, including bank, insurance policies, credit cards, utilities, creditors, and membership organizations, type up a letter with all of your information on it, including name, address, new name, account number, and possibly your social security number, and include a copy of your marriage license. No one should charge you money to change your name. To help keep your organized, here’s a printable name change checklist.Don’t forget to order new checks and credit cards!
  • Start using it
    It will sound a little funny at first, but as you start using your new last name, everyone else will catch on. Don’t be afraid to courteously correct people when they erroneously use your maiden name.

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