FREE Hawaii Wedding Flowers!

To all our favorite Hawaii Brides, we got some great inside info…  This Sunday, Watanabe Florist is giving away Floral Gift Certificates at their Easter Egg Hunt.

That’s right – FREE FLOWERS!! This can be a huge help when bridal floral costs in Hawaii average between two and four thousand dollars.  Get down there early to score the most eggs and win the most gift certificates.

Watanabe Florist is located on Nimitz Highway between Sand Island and Ala Moana.  Its a huge warehouse – you can’t miss it.  The Easter Egg Hunt starts at 12 noon, sign up is at 11am.  Call Watanabe at (808) 832-9360 for more details. It’s a great opportunity to have a fun Sunday with family and friends while WINNING awesome prizes including Watanabe floral Gift Certificates,  Special Local Treat Baskets & More!

See you on Sunday!!
xoxo – Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planners, Erika & Nicole, Best Day Ever.
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Photo credits: Watanabe Florals

One Minute Hawaii Wedding Tip of the Week

This weeks One Minute Hawaii Wedding Tip of the Week is about wedding gifts.  More specifically – how to organize your sign in table so that your seating chart, sign in address book and wedding gifts all fit together in an organized and efficient way.

This is the kind of sign-in / gift table that we are talking about… One that has a nice flow to it – theres not a long line of guests waiting to get in. There is plenty for them to look at along the way (photos of the two of you or other creative things that tell your story or represent you as a couple), the line if there is one moves quickly (because there are enough people managing it and you/or your hawaii wedding planner has already gone over exactly how they find names, find seats, etc.) And most importantly.. and this is the real one minute tip of the week – Each gift has a number that corresponds to a guests address.

In your guest book put in numbers next to each line, also create little stickers (the circle ones you can get at Longs for like a dollar or two are perfect) that have corresponding numbers on them.  As guests sign in, instruct whoever is running your sign in table to put a little sticker on the guests card or gift that matches with the line they signed in your sign in book. This will make things way easier when it is time for you to write thank you’s.  You would be surprised how many guests just sign the card “Jack”.. not knowing that there is a Uncle Jack, cousin Jack, old high school friend Jack. And how are you supposed to figure out which Jack it is? The sticker number system solves this problem and its super easy to do.

Stay tuned for another one minute tip next week.

xoxo – Your Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever Hawaii.

Nick & Vanessa’s Best Day Ever

I kinda got sucked into watching this on youtube and it made me really happy.. seeing a couple like Nick & Vanessa who love each other so much and then seeing their wedding day play out. It’s kinda funny – even with their first class status.. they go through the same ups and downs as we “normal” people do… but in the end they make it through and have a g o r g e o u s beach Dream Wedding. You can see the love between them. And that’s always our favorite part about being a wedding planner – getting to know the couples and seeing the love you share.  Anyway, if in midst of planning a wedding and a bit overwhelmed, take a moment to chill out and watch this – you’ll enjoy it:) Plus – it’ll take you back to what this whole planning process is all about – CELEBRATING the love you two share.

Nick & Vanessa’s Dream Wedding

xoxo – Your Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever.

Friday Inspiration – The Dating Divas

I came across this site on Pinterest… and I am obsessed.  They are called the Dating Divas and everything about this site is so fun! Normally on I post Wedding Inspiration ideas on Fridays, but today I thought I’d do Love Inspiration instead.

When planning something as B I G as a wedding, it can be hard to stay sane let alone keep the romance alive in your relationship. After all, who has time to cook a romantic dinner by candlelight when you have to work on seating charts, figure out the bridesmaids gifts and fold 1,000 Japanese cranes? You do.  We always tell our couples – it’s so important not to lose yourself in the planning process.  You have to make time for a little romance.  And if you hire a Hawaii Wedding Planner hopefully you will have a less to be stressed about and will have more time to enjoy the excitement of this short period of “being engaged!” But, if you don’t have a planner and you are taking on much more than you can handle – please, take a night to forget about it all and MAKE TIME FOR a DATE NIGHT to remember why you’re doing all of this planning in the first place. Trust me, you deserve it – and truth is, you probably need it. 

Right, so back to the Dating Divas… This is a website that gives couples TONS of ideas on do-it-yourself Date Nights. These ideas are easy – inexpensive – super fun and will do wonders on your relationship. I just can’t get enough of it.

Here’s one of the featured ideas on

♥ Love on the Run  Date Night in a Bag  When you don’t have a lot of time for planning – this is a fun an easy date night that can be done in a jiffy.  Date Night in a Bag is a bag filled with fun surprises for your loved one put together in a really fun way by You!  Best part – all you have to do is print out the PDFs to put this super cute bag together.

friday inspiration, dating divas

Here’s the idea:  First, decide on something for the two of you to do together… Here’s an example created by “Corie” for her husband.  For this specific date night she planned to have a simple movie night at home with a Netflix movie she rented which was cleverly titled “Red“.  So she filled the bag with lots of little FUN snacks and cute Love Notes all done with the color red in mind.

friday inspiration, dating divas

That’s it – Viola, you’re done.  Told you it was easy – And it took you probably all of 20 minutes to put together. Heres the best part, next week you can hand the date bag over to him to put something together for you!

friday inspiration, dating divas

You can download this super cute ♥Love on the Run♥ bag design HERE. And then personalize it with the His and/or Her label HERE. The PDF comes complete with a sample drawing and instructions:)

And if you’re fresh out of ideas on what to put together for date night, here are a two fun ones for our favorite Hawai’i Couples:

1. Ice Skating in Paradise. Fill bag with homemade tickets that say “one free Admission to the Ice Palace Love Palace”, a scarf or mittens, a throw away camera, hot cocoa packet, etc. Then take a drive out to the Ice Palace near Stadium Mall and spend the afternoon holding hands ice skating. Could be really fun – and funny!

2. Friday Fireworks. Pack the bag with a bottle of wine, cheese, crackers, grapes, a wine bottle opener, some plastic cups and place it all on top of a picnic blanket. Take your fiancee to Waikiki on friday night (right in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Bowls surf spot, you can park at Bowls) and spend the evening directly under the FREE fireworks show.  The Hilton puts on the show every Friday evening at around 7:30pm. How fun – AND romantic!  It doesn’t get better than this!

And a few more exceptional Date Night ideas from the Dating Divas…

Got your own ideas – Or pictures? We’d love to post them. Send us an email today!

So – let go of the wedding planning for one night – and get out and have some fun!!

xoxox, Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever

Love{Struck} a customized and unique Hawaii Photo Lounge

We recently came across a wonderful new Hawaii wedding vendor, Shereen Briere Shariq, of Ever After Events (a fellow wedding planner) and creator of the Love{Struck} Photo Lounge.  If you have spent a little time browsing through our blog – or if you know us personally, you know – we LOVE all things customized, personalized and vintage – and thought that the Love{Struck} Photo Lounge embodied all of those things.  So… we took a little time to get to know Shereen & ask her a few questions we thought all of you might be interested in – to get to know exactly what this unique photo lounge is all about.

1. How did Love{Struck} Photo Lounge get started?  It began almost six months ago as a simple desire to find a fresh, fun and chic photo booth for a few of my Anthropologie loving wedding clients. I wanted the experience to be engaging, romantic, unique, and of extremely high quality. It was important to have gorgeous and oversized backdrops, a mix of vintage and custom props for both the ladies and their beaus, great lighting, professional photographers and on site printing that would blow a traditional photo booth out of the water. Little did I know that not finding exactly what I wanted would result in creating a brand new company called love{struck} a photo lounge

lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge

.2. What kind of experience do you provide for couples? Which couples would be the best fit for your love{struck}? What makes your photo lounge different from the average photo booth?  Love{struck} a photo lounge was born from my desire to provide couples with a chic, fresh and fun photo experience worthy of their wedding day. As a wedding planner, I bet I can guess your number one goal-you want your day to be unique and fun! You want guests to walk away feeling they were part of an experience.  (we completely agree Shereen!) You want everything in your wedding to tell the story of who you are as a couple. If you find yourself mesmerized by everything Anthropologie; if you like the artistic look of photo shoots seen in wedding blogs and magazines; if you like images that are fun yet romantic; if you find other photo booths leave you wanting more: more vintage, more chic, more elegant, more fun & more personal, then you my dear, are ready to be love{struck}!

lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge 3. If a couple orders, how does it work? What is the process? Couples choose from an assortment of  stylish backdrops, a collection of trimmings and a customized wedding logo for print on each photo. Service includes one professional and handsomely dressed photographer, one photo technician, and most importantly one personal photo stylist to help you strike just the right pose. All packages also come with filtered lighting to make sure everyone looks amazing as well as unlimited photos printed on site and a flash drive after the event. lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge 6.      What kind of space do you need for set up? 10’ x 10’ within 6’ or so of a power source. Also need a covered area out of the direct sun. lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge 7.      What kind of responses have you received from your wedding couples and guests? Guests love the {Love}Struck Lounge.  It’s a little different then the average photo booth, but we’ve gotten rave reviews.  Here are a few…

“We had lovestruck {a photo lounge} at our wedding to provide our guests with some fun throughout the night and it was one of the best parts of our wedding! I’ve seen photo booths at weddings before but this was SO much better! The props were super adorable and the personal attention from a real photographer made all the difference. Plus, as you’re in front of a large backdrop instead of shoved into a small booth, it’s much more conducive to group pictures. We got so many amazing pictures of our loved ones and ourselves to supplement our formal photos. What a great idea! Truly made our wedding memorable. Thanks, guys!” ~ April 9/29/11

“This is a no brainer! Everyone wants something different at their wedding and not just the typical photobooth. The guys who were taking the photos were so cute, dressed to go with the idea this photobooth was trying to convey. The props were so fun, and they quality. I totally love the anthropolgy based style and the fact that everything was fitting even down to the stand the props were placed on. It was a distressed shelf. Love it! This was so easy and my guests didn’t have to wait because the photos instantly showed on the screen and printed out immediatly, I was shocked at how quickly the turnaround was. the guys were also really nice, and made sure to tell you if you needed to adjust anything in the picture like a prop or to turn your head a bit. I give lovestruck 5 thumbs up, this business is going to go far!” – Mallory 9/24/11 lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge The Best Day Ever Team – loves the {Love}Struck Lounge too!  If any of our readers or couples are interested in Shereens one of a kind photo lounge you can reach her at (888) 390-6370 or contact her through her website – {Love}Struck Photo Lounge. And don’t forget to check out her {Love}Struck Facebook Page.

Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy.
lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo loungelovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge

Thanks Shereen for sharing such a fun new Hawaii Wedding Photo option! 

lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge
xoxo – Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever Hawaii

Wednesday Wedding Laughs

Tired of the typical wedding march to Cannon D? Check out this bride and groom entrance.  Seems pretty normal at first but watch it to the end, its so cute! I have yet to see a Hawaii wedding couple attempt a personalized entrance and can’t wait to see what our 2012 and 2013 brides do.

If you or any of your friends have any fun Hawaii wedding marches you’d like to share please email us at We’d love to see what you’ve come up with!

Is your Hawaii wedding stressing you out? Here are 5 Tips to save time, de-stress & relax.

Planning a wedding is a full time job and trying to fit it into an already super busy schedule can take a toll on you! Here are 5 quick tips to help you de-stress. 

1. Stop Multitasking. Our brains aren’t ment to focus and complete 100 different tasks at once. Women in particular often find themselves multi-tasking constantly. The real question is what are you really getting accomplished? Instead of multi-tasking make a list of everything you need to do and then star the top 3 things that need to get done. Start with number one and keep working on number one until its competed. Then move on to number two and three. Completing one big important task will make you feel more accomplished than half completing 10 tasks.

2. Create a Family or Roomate Calendar. Is it really your job to clean the entire house, cook, stay organized, pay the bills, hold a full time job and organize a wedding? If your living on your own – this may be true – But if not, why not delegate? Set specific cleaning days and share the workload. You’ll be surprised what a relief sharing cleaning or bill paying responsibilities will be. You’re pretty spectacular but you’re not wonderwoman! Give yourself a break and start delegating.

3. Get Outside and Enjoy Nature. Even if its only for 5 minutes. Take a deep breath and listen to the birds, feel the cool breeze and smile – what an amazing place you live in! Getting outside your head and your work load for five minutes minimum a day is absolutely necessary in order to stay sane when planning a wedding. Even when you have a wedding planner – you will still be overwhelmed at times with details and guest lists and seating charts. Take a moment in the sunshine and get back in touch with YOU!

4. Spread the Big Chores into Small Steps. Plowing through your entire to-do list all in one big swoop will completely exhaust you. Even if you get it all done – you’ll feel wiped out and overwhelmed at the end instead of relieved and accomplished. In addition to delegating (see step #2) you can save energy by spreading them out. For example – on Monday, focus on just the kitchen, Tuesday – bathroom cleaning days, Wednesday – vacuuming, Thursday – living room, etc. And don’t forget to assign tasks to others as well.

5. Stay organized. Create a folder on your desktop with all things “wedding”. Make subfolders to organize all your ideas and files. Create a list of to-dos and a monthly schedule. Keep all of your printed materials in one binder.  Staying organized will help you to feel like you’ve got it under control. Don’t forget if things get too overwhelming you can always call a Hawaii Wedding Planner for help.

And in the meantime.. whenever you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed… Look at this photo and smile  (I keep it on my phone alarm when I start feeling a bit overwhelmed) – Now, Life’s not that bad, is it???

wedding stress, wedding tips, relax


Wedding tips from your favorite Hawaii Wedding PlannerBest Day Ever Hawaii.

Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planner – Check out our video:)

I just wanted to share with you guys our first Hawaii Wedding Planner video.  I wanted to show you all in a  very fun and easy way what Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planning Team is about and thought what better way to do so than through a video.

Many brides who get engaged don’t realize what a BIG project planning a wedding will become.  Have you ever planned an event for 50 or 100 people before? And keep in mind, this is not just any event – but the most important event of … your life? Thats what a wedding is, the event of a lifetime.

Planning a dinner for 50 people would be overwhelming – but planning an entire day, weekend or evening – filled with entertainment, food, drinks and good times for 50 people, that is another story all together.  Now if you have more than 50 people.. well good luck.  I’m not saying it’s not do-able because there are a few crazy brides out there who can make it happen.  But what most brides forget is that this is a very rare and short time period in their life (being engaged, planning a wedding…) and to try to fit planning the event of a lifetime into this time will take everything you have.  And forget about it if you have a full time job and kids.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give a personal assistant a budget and she/he took care of the rest? We’ll – that’s what wedding planners do. period. The good ones already know the best places to save you money and best ways to execute the ideas you toss out. They execute your vision – on your budget.  What most couples don’t realize is that the money they save you in being an expert in the field – pays for their fees.  And in return, you get a personal assistant to handle your event of a lifetime – so YOU can enjoy the wedding day and have “FUN” during the wedding planning process.  How bout that?  Anyway – just wanted to share all of that in a fun way through our video. Check it out – and let me know what you think – I’d really appreciate any comments you might have:) Click here to see our Hawaii Wedding Planner Video now.. Or just play the link below.

PS> Might need to let it load for a minute before you watch it…

Your Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever Hawaii.

Realistic Wedding Budgets & Our Top 10 Wedding Budget Savings Tips

Everyone knows weddings are expensive.  However, it is not until you have actually started planning a wedding do you realize just how expensive it really is.  There are tons of hidden costs and fees, and unless your a wedding planner – you probably have no idea about what they could be. We hope this article will give you a realistic look into what weddings really cost.

If you are like most couples, you probably have no idea how what a realistic wedding budget is or how to even start figuring one out.  According to the Knot, the average wedding costs $27,800 and usually more in more popular, urban areas (Hawaii). Most often, the wedding budget includes: the venue, rentals – lighting, tables/chairs, linen, dishes, etc., dinner and drink tab, wedding cake, wedding coordinator, favors, wedding dress and tux, bridal party attire, florals – centerpieces, bouquets, leis, arch pieces, isle petals, etc., rings, transportation, photography, invitations, hair and make up, deejay, lighting, dance floor, graphics (menues, etc.) and much more. Extras often include: videography, uplighting, passed appetizers, and live entertainment. And thats a quick – off the top of my head – list. There are of other details that need to fit into this budget… So it’s not unheard of to see a $10,000 budget for 100 people – turn into a $30,000 budget really quickly.

As a Hawaii Wedding Planner, I can tell you that in our experience, most simple (nothing too fancy) outdoor weddings for parties of 100 guests usually start at $30,000 – and often quickly go up to $60,000+.  Meanwhile, an indoor Hawaii hotel wedding for the same 100 guests can cost anywhere from $20,000 and up…

However, if you are willing to do some of the work yourself and spend some time (a lot of time) researching, planning, organizing, etc. there are many ways to create a reasonable wedding budget. Making smart decisions up front can help you keep your budget under control.

Here are our Top 10 Wedding Budget Savings Tips:  

1. Have friends and family help out with specific jobs. Do you have a graphic artist in the family that can help with invitations, menu and program design? A family friend who plays live music? What about Aunty Ruby who has that little flower shop downtown? Or the cousins who can help with the set up? Nows the time to start pulling in favors. By asking friends and family for assistance, you can save thousands of dollars. Pull out a paper and pen and figure out who you can ask for help.

realist wedding budget, wedding budget, wedding tips, budget saving, wedding budget savings tips

2. Venue Location. This is going to be your largest expense, and finding a beautiful  budget friendly location is going to be tough… But if you do your research, there are plenty out there just waiting for you. Make sure to ask the right questions – are there any hidden fees? What does the price include? Is there an event fee? If your guest list isn’t too large there is always the option of having the reception in a beautiful backyard or even a public garden.  Of course, hiring a planner who knows the best budget friendly venues could be helpful as well.

3. Consider having the event on a weekday or earlier in the day. Most hotels and venues have a special, less expensive rate on weekdays (Monday – Thursday) as opposed to Friday and Saturdays. Also, lunches are always more budget friendly and they usually involve a much smaller alcohol budget. Daytime weddings can be just as fun and intimate and there is always an option to keep the day going and plan to go out later in the night with the wedding party and a smaller group of friends & family.

realist wedding budget, wedding budget, wedding tips, budget saving, wedding budget savings tips

4. Florals are a huge portion of most wedding budgets. A big way to cut costs is to have a small entourage of family and friends assist with the floral arrangements. Order the florals in bulk ahead of time and buy the vases for under $2 at places like Walmart or Price Busters. Make sure to do your research and watch a few you tube videos on centerpiece making beforehand so your crew knows what they are doing and do a few samples a head of time. Buying flowers in season that are locally available can be a huge savings as well.

5. Save on Decor. Chose your decor wisely… you can cut costs with decor in so many ways. We see so many couples spending a huge chunk of their budget on florals and linens. An easy way to make a big impression is to use table runners with matching satin napkins instead of fancy linen which can often save you $50+ per table. Also, when your on a limited budget, consider personalization as a way to make a big impression rather than fancy, expensive floral arrangements. For example, spend a little time creating personalized escort cards for each seat (printed at home) and a little less money on fancy floral arrangements.

6. Hotels vs. Outdoor venues. I know I mentioned venue already – but because this is usually the first thing you book and usually the most expensive – I’m going to mention it again. What is difference in price between an outdoor venue and a hotel venue? Hotels often appear more expensive at first glance. They might seem stuffy and too formal – BUT there are plenty of beautiful hotel locations that are quite the opposite.  Hotel venues – include a full staff (this means people to help set up, break-down, clean up, etc), tables, chairs, linens, silverware, glassware, a dance floor, lighting, microphones, a sound system, and so much more.  Meanwhile outdoor receptions include none of this. All need to be rented separately which means – yes, you guessed it – additional costs.

7. Cut your guest list. Thats right, I said it. This is the absolute easiest way to cut costs. Do you really need to invite that friend from that old job that you don’t talk to anymore? There is absolutely no reason to invite guests who you have not spent any time with whatsoever in the last five years.  What about kids?  Do you have to invite the entire family? Children often add on an additional 10-25% to the invite list. It is not disrespectful to ask that your guests find a sitter for the evening, and to just enjoy the night out. It is your day – don’t feel guilty about it. Invite the people who mean the most to you and let go of Uncle Ed you haven’t spoken to in 10 years. He’ll forgive you.

8. Alcohol. Is it necessary to have an open bar? No. This is completely up to you. You can host the first two drinks OR have drink tickets for the night for a specified amount OR you can skip the open bar all together and have guests pay for their own drinks. We usually save this for a last resort but if you have to cut costs… this is one way to do so. And nobody will hold it against you if you only bought them their fist two drinks. In fact, many guests only drink two drinks anyway – and if your a big drinker, you usually don’t have a problem buying your next two anyway.

9. Hire a wedding planner. I know Hawaii wedding planners are expensive. BUT the truth is, they can save you a ton of money, if you hire one up front.  They can suggest the best value venues and vendors and if you give them a budget to work with they can assist you in finding everything you need and helping it all fit into your budget. You can also cut costs by doing most of the research yourself and booking the vendors on your own and then handing over the “sorting out the details” part – to your planner.

hawaii bridal expo, hawaii bride, bridal expo, blaisdell center, wedding expo

10. Do your homework. Yep, its that simple.. spend time researching vendors. Who is the best and most affordable florist, deejay, caterer? Spend some time with your best friend “google”, make some phone calls, and ask lots of questions. Start a notebook, keep everything in a binder and write down notes and prices. Go to bridal expos and gather information (and tons of great coupons). If you spend enough time doing the research you’ll start seeing what the going rates are and what your best options are for your budget. This is what your wedding planner would do for you- BUT if you can’t afford one, you have to spend the time doing the research yourself. You might spend hours figuring out what centerpieces should cost and where to find the most reasonable florist to help you pull it off – but in turn, this could also help you to pull off a gorgeous million dollar looking wedding on a pocket-book budget. It is doable.. it just depends how much time you are willing to devote to it. Check out budget wedding blogs like –

Hope this helped you in understanding the basics of a wedding budget and how to get costs down. This and more weekly tips on our blog and in our monthly newsletter.. to subscribe – send us an email ( today & write in the body or title of the email –  “please put me on the newsletter email list”.

Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever Hawaii.