Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planner – Check out our video:)

I just wanted to share with you guys our first Hawaii Wedding Planner video.  I wanted to show you all in a  very fun and easy way what Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planning Team is about and thought what better way to do so than through a video.

Many brides who get engaged don’t realize what a BIG project planning a wedding will become.  Have you ever planned an event for 50 or 100 people before? And keep in mind, this is not just any event – but the most important event of … your life? Thats what a wedding is, the event of a lifetime.

Planning a dinner for 50 people would be overwhelming – but planning an entire day, weekend or evening – filled with entertainment, food, drinks and good times for 50 people, that is another story all together.  Now if you have more than 50 people.. well good luck.  I’m not saying it’s not do-able because there are a few crazy brides out there who can make it happen.  But what most brides forget is that this is a very rare and short time period in their life (being engaged, planning a wedding…) and to try to fit planning the event of a lifetime into this time will take everything you have.  And forget about it if you have a full time job and kids.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give a personal assistant a budget and she/he took care of the rest? We’ll – that’s what wedding planners do. period. The good ones already know the best places to save you money and best ways to execute the ideas you toss out. They execute your vision – on your budget.  What most couples don’t realize is that the money they save you in being an expert in the field – pays for their fees.  And in return, you get a personal assistant to handle your event of a lifetime – so YOU can enjoy the wedding day and have “FUN” during the wedding planning process.  How bout that?  Anyway – just wanted to share all of that in a fun way through our video. Check it out – and let me know what you think – I’d really appreciate any comments you might have:) Click here to see our Hawaii Wedding Planner Video now.. Or just play the link below.

PS> Might need to let it load for a minute before you watch it…

Your Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever Hawaii.

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