Is your Hawaii wedding stressing you out? Here are 5 Tips to save time, de-stress & relax.

Planning a wedding is a full time job and trying to fit it into an already super busy schedule can take a toll on you! Here are 5 quick tips to help you de-stress. 

1. Stop Multitasking. Our brains aren’t ment to focus and complete 100 different tasks at once. Women in particular often find themselves multi-tasking constantly. The real question is what are you really getting accomplished? Instead of multi-tasking make a list of everything you need to do and then star the top 3 things that need to get done. Start with number one and keep working on number one until its competed. Then move on to number two and three. Completing one big important task will make you feel more accomplished than half completing 10 tasks.

2. Create a Family or Roomate Calendar. Is it really your job to clean the entire house, cook, stay organized, pay the bills, hold a full time job and organize a wedding? If your living on your own – this may be true – But if not, why not delegate? Set specific cleaning days and share the workload. You’ll be surprised what a relief sharing cleaning or bill paying responsibilities will be. You’re pretty spectacular but you’re not wonderwoman! Give yourself a break and start delegating.

3. Get Outside and Enjoy Nature. Even if its only for 5 minutes. Take a deep breath and listen to the birds, feel the cool breeze and smile – what an amazing place you live in! Getting outside your head and your work load for five minutes minimum a day is absolutely necessary in order to stay sane when planning a wedding. Even when you have a wedding planner – you will still be overwhelmed at times with details and guest lists and seating charts. Take a moment in the sunshine and get back in touch with YOU!

4. Spread the Big Chores into Small Steps. Plowing through your entire to-do list all in one big swoop will completely exhaust you. Even if you get it all done – you’ll feel wiped out and overwhelmed at the end instead of relieved and accomplished. In addition to delegating (see step #2) you can save energy by spreading them out. For example – on Monday, focus on just the kitchen, Tuesday – bathroom cleaning days, Wednesday – vacuuming, Thursday – living room, etc. And don’t forget to assign tasks to others as well.

5. Stay organized. Create a folder on your desktop with all things “wedding”. Make subfolders to organize all your ideas and files. Create a list of to-dos and a monthly schedule. Keep all of your printed materials in one binder.  Staying organized will help you to feel like you’ve got it under control. Don’t forget if things get too overwhelming you can always call a Hawaii Wedding Planner for help.

And in the meantime.. whenever you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed… Look at this photo and smile  (I keep it on my phone alarm when I start feeling a bit overwhelmed) – Now, Life’s not that bad, is it???

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Wedding tips from your favorite Hawaii Wedding PlannerBest Day Ever Hawaii.

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