Love{Struck} a customized and unique Hawaii Photo Lounge

We recently came across a wonderful new Hawaii wedding vendor, Shereen Briere Shariq, of Ever After Events (a fellow wedding planner) and creator of the Love{Struck} Photo Lounge.  If you have spent a little time browsing through our blog – or if you know us personally, you know – we LOVE all things customized, personalized and vintage – and thought that the Love{Struck} Photo Lounge embodied all of those things.  So… we took a little time to get to know Shereen & ask her a few questions we thought all of you might be interested in – to get to know exactly what this unique photo lounge is all about.

1. How did Love{Struck} Photo Lounge get started?  It began almost six months ago as a simple desire to find a fresh, fun and chic photo booth for a few of my Anthropologie loving wedding clients. I wanted the experience to be engaging, romantic, unique, and of extremely high quality. It was important to have gorgeous and oversized backdrops, a mix of vintage and custom props for both the ladies and their beaus, great lighting, professional photographers and on site printing that would blow a traditional photo booth out of the water. Little did I know that not finding exactly what I wanted would result in creating a brand new company called love{struck} a photo lounge

lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge

.2. What kind of experience do you provide for couples? Which couples would be the best fit for your love{struck}? What makes your photo lounge different from the average photo booth?  Love{struck} a photo lounge was born from my desire to provide couples with a chic, fresh and fun photo experience worthy of their wedding day. As a wedding planner, I bet I can guess your number one goal-you want your day to be unique and fun! You want guests to walk away feeling they were part of an experience.  (we completely agree Shereen!) You want everything in your wedding to tell the story of who you are as a couple. If you find yourself mesmerized by everything Anthropologie; if you like the artistic look of photo shoots seen in wedding blogs and magazines; if you like images that are fun yet romantic; if you find other photo booths leave you wanting more: more vintage, more chic, more elegant, more fun & more personal, then you my dear, are ready to be love{struck}!

lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge 3. If a couple orders, how does it work? What is the process? Couples choose from an assortment of  stylish backdrops, a collection of trimmings and a customized wedding logo for print on each photo. Service includes one professional and handsomely dressed photographer, one photo technician, and most importantly one personal photo stylist to help you strike just the right pose. All packages also come with filtered lighting to make sure everyone looks amazing as well as unlimited photos printed on site and a flash drive after the event. lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge 6.      What kind of space do you need for set up? 10’ x 10’ within 6’ or so of a power source. Also need a covered area out of the direct sun. lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge 7.      What kind of responses have you received from your wedding couples and guests? Guests love the {Love}Struck Lounge.  It’s a little different then the average photo booth, but we’ve gotten rave reviews.  Here are a few…

“We had lovestruck {a photo lounge} at our wedding to provide our guests with some fun throughout the night and it was one of the best parts of our wedding! I’ve seen photo booths at weddings before but this was SO much better! The props were super adorable and the personal attention from a real photographer made all the difference. Plus, as you’re in front of a large backdrop instead of shoved into a small booth, it’s much more conducive to group pictures. We got so many amazing pictures of our loved ones and ourselves to supplement our formal photos. What a great idea! Truly made our wedding memorable. Thanks, guys!” ~ April 9/29/11

“This is a no brainer! Everyone wants something different at their wedding and not just the typical photobooth. The guys who were taking the photos were so cute, dressed to go with the idea this photobooth was trying to convey. The props were so fun, and they quality. I totally love the anthropolgy based style and the fact that everything was fitting even down to the stand the props were placed on. It was a distressed shelf. Love it! This was so easy and my guests didn’t have to wait because the photos instantly showed on the screen and printed out immediatly, I was shocked at how quickly the turnaround was. the guys were also really nice, and made sure to tell you if you needed to adjust anything in the picture like a prop or to turn your head a bit. I give lovestruck 5 thumbs up, this business is going to go far!” – Mallory 9/24/11 lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge The Best Day Ever Team – loves the {Love}Struck Lounge too!  If any of our readers or couples are interested in Shereens one of a kind photo lounge you can reach her at (888) 390-6370 or contact her through her website – {Love}Struck Photo Lounge. And don’t forget to check out her {Love}Struck Facebook Page.

Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy.
lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo loungelovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge

Thanks Shereen for sharing such a fun new Hawaii Wedding Photo option! 

lovestruck, customized, hawaii photo lounge
xoxo – Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever Hawaii

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