Friday Inspiration – The Dating Divas

I came across this site on Pinterest… and I am obsessed.  They are called the Dating Divas and everything about this site is so fun! Normally on I post Wedding Inspiration ideas on Fridays, but today I thought I’d do Love Inspiration instead.

When planning something as B I G as a wedding, it can be hard to stay sane let alone keep the romance alive in your relationship. After all, who has time to cook a romantic dinner by candlelight when you have to work on seating charts, figure out the bridesmaids gifts and fold 1,000 Japanese cranes? You do.  We always tell our couples – it’s so important not to lose yourself in the planning process.  You have to make time for a little romance.  And if you hire a Hawaii Wedding Planner hopefully you will have a less to be stressed about and will have more time to enjoy the excitement of this short period of “being engaged!” But, if you don’t have a planner and you are taking on much more than you can handle – please, take a night to forget about it all and MAKE TIME FOR a DATE NIGHT to remember why you’re doing all of this planning in the first place. Trust me, you deserve it – and truth is, you probably need it. 

Right, so back to the Dating Divas… This is a website that gives couples TONS of ideas on do-it-yourself Date Nights. These ideas are easy – inexpensive – super fun and will do wonders on your relationship. I just can’t get enough of it.

Here’s one of the featured ideas on

♥ Love on the Run  Date Night in a Bag  When you don’t have a lot of time for planning – this is a fun an easy date night that can be done in a jiffy.  Date Night in a Bag is a bag filled with fun surprises for your loved one put together in a really fun way by You!  Best part – all you have to do is print out the PDFs to put this super cute bag together.

friday inspiration, dating divas

Here’s the idea:  First, decide on something for the two of you to do together… Here’s an example created by “Corie” for her husband.  For this specific date night she planned to have a simple movie night at home with a Netflix movie she rented which was cleverly titled “Red“.  So she filled the bag with lots of little FUN snacks and cute Love Notes all done with the color red in mind.

friday inspiration, dating divas

That’s it – Viola, you’re done.  Told you it was easy – And it took you probably all of 20 minutes to put together. Heres the best part, next week you can hand the date bag over to him to put something together for you!

friday inspiration, dating divas

You can download this super cute ♥Love on the Run♥ bag design HERE. And then personalize it with the His and/or Her label HERE. The PDF comes complete with a sample drawing and instructions:)

And if you’re fresh out of ideas on what to put together for date night, here are a two fun ones for our favorite Hawai’i Couples:

1. Ice Skating in Paradise. Fill bag with homemade tickets that say “one free Admission to the Ice Palace Love Palace”, a scarf or mittens, a throw away camera, hot cocoa packet, etc. Then take a drive out to the Ice Palace near Stadium Mall and spend the afternoon holding hands ice skating. Could be really fun – and funny!

2. Friday Fireworks. Pack the bag with a bottle of wine, cheese, crackers, grapes, a wine bottle opener, some plastic cups and place it all on top of a picnic blanket. Take your fiancee to Waikiki on friday night (right in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Bowls surf spot, you can park at Bowls) and spend the evening directly under the FREE fireworks show.  The Hilton puts on the show every Friday evening at around 7:30pm. How fun – AND romantic!  It doesn’t get better than this!

And a few more exceptional Date Night ideas from the Dating Divas…

Got your own ideas – Or pictures? We’d love to post them. Send us an email today!

So – let go of the wedding planning for one night – and get out and have some fun!!

xoxox, Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever

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