One Minute Hawaii Wedding Tip of the Week

This weeks One Minute Hawaii Wedding Tip of the Week is about wedding gifts.  More specifically – how to organize your sign in table so that your seating chart, sign in address book and wedding gifts all fit together in an organized and efficient way.

This is the kind of sign-in / gift table that we are talking about… One that has a nice flow to it – theres not a long line of guests waiting to get in. There is plenty for them to look at along the way (photos of the two of you or other creative things that tell your story or represent you as a couple), the line if there is one moves quickly (because there are enough people managing it and you/or your hawaii wedding planner has already gone over exactly how they find names, find seats, etc.) And most importantly.. and this is the real one minute tip of the week – Each gift has a number that corresponds to a guests address.

In your guest book put in numbers next to each line, also create little stickers (the circle ones you can get at Longs for like a dollar or two are perfect) that have corresponding numbers on them.  As guests sign in, instruct whoever is running your sign in table to put a little sticker on the guests card or gift that matches with the line they signed in your sign in book. This will make things way easier when it is time for you to write thank you’s.  You would be surprised how many guests just sign the card “Jack”.. not knowing that there is a Uncle Jack, cousin Jack, old high school friend Jack. And how are you supposed to figure out which Jack it is? The sticker number system solves this problem and its super easy to do.

Stay tuned for another one minute tip next week.

xoxo – Your Hawaii Wedding Planner – Best Day Ever Hawaii.

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