Please Hire a Wedding Planner

I stumbled across an article written by a girl named Leila in a blog called “Inspired by This”.  The title of this article is “Please Hire a Wedding Planner” and in short – it is about how things can go horribly wrong if you do not have a professional (trust worthy & very good) wedding planner.  In this true life story, the bride did not hire a wedding planner because she had banquet/catering manager (that came with the venue) who ensured her she would take care of everything.  Needless to say, that was not the case.  The banquet manager made last minute changes to the rental order that incurred extra late charges, that the bride did not find out about until the day of her wedding, she forgot to cue the musicians at the ceremony procession, forgot to remove the ribbon that blocks the center isle as the flower girls made their way to the front – and the list goes on… to read the full story click here – “Please Hire a Wedding Planner”.

Please don’t let these disasters happen to you!  When you’ve spent 6 months to a year or more planning such an important event (and thousands upon thousands of dollars) it is not worth it to skimp out on the one person who can ensure that your plan is executed seamlessly and your money spent on your vendors is well spent.  Ask any bride – if something, one thing or ten things went wrong, no matter how little – it’s those things that stick out in her mind. I have yet to have herd of one bride who has hired a wedding planner (or even a day of coordinator) and regretted it.

Wedding planners are essential. Well then, what’s the difference between a banquet/catering managers & a wedding planner…  aren’t they basically the same thing? Not even close – banquet managers are there manage the hotel staff, to assist w/menu selection, make sure the food is hot, tables are set, and hotel staff is on task. It is not their job to run your processional, sign-in table, assist your outside vendors, move your florals out of the sun until the ceremony starts so they aren’t wilted by the reception and make sure you don’t forget your bouquet when you walk down the isle. That’s what a wedding planner is for.

We love working with banquet and catering managers but we both understand we have completely different roles.  Just as you can’t expect your other vendors (photographers, deejays, etc.) to take on little wedding planner roles either.  Do all of your vendors a favor and hire a wedding planner so that they can do the job you paid them for – your photographer should not be running to get grandma a chair while she waits for her turn in the family photo.  After all you paid her/him big bucks to take brilliant photos – not do errands. That’s what we are for, all those little – millions of little – details… timelines, setting up, breaking down, running processionals, making sure your stress free and looking fab in your photos, making sure the deejay is playing your favorite song at the right time, etc. etc. In essence, we are here to represent you and to ensure your dream wedding is – nothing less than your Best Day Ever!

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