♥Hawaii Wedding Deals!♥

♥To our favorite brides♥ There are some great deals for Hawaii brides right now, but you’ll have to hurry, they won’t last long!

Watanabe Florist is offering $40 of florals for $20 on Hot Deals Hawaii.   What a perfect way to save on florals for your bridal shower, or wedding… or just some florals for your hubby for date night!

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And just for the girls, Living Social Hawaii has an awesome deal on eyelash extensions – $60 for a full set of Nova Eyelash Extensions (normally $150) If you have never had eyelash extensions before – you are going to fall in L O V E with them! You might not even want to go back to your plain old lashes ever again.

What are eyelash extensions you ask? Eyelash extensions are a process in which a trained eyelash artist attaches false (but very natural looking and feeling) lashes to your real lashes. Each lash is individually attached to your real lash with a special glue.  You lay down on a very comfy table and she covers your eyes and you listen to music for about 40 minutes or so durring the process.  When you open your eyes she gives you a mirror and amazeballs – Who is that beautiful girl you are looking back at you? Yup, it’s you!! The new and improved supermodel you!  Think Kim Kardashian lashes – that is what they look like – seriously!

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The first time I got eyelash extensions I looked in the rear-view mirror at my eyelashes the entire way home.  I could not get enough of them!  They are amazing.  I’m not even kidding – they seriously look sooooo real too.  My husband kept looking at me like I was a different person – and when I’d ask him what he was looking at all he could say is “You look sooo pretty – it’s kind of crazy – you look like a doll”.


For $60 bucks – seriously, its a deal!  Treat yourself for your wedding day!  But make sure to do a trial first, just incase they are not what you expected.  I can tell you from experience though – Lena (the eyelash artist) at Beautiful Soul Hawaii (where the Living Social deal is right now) – is really really good. I know some of the yelp reviews on her were so-so but I’ve been to other eyelash artists – and she was by far the best one I’ve come across so far.  She did an amazing job on my eyelashes, and if I wasn’t so addicted to going to the beach, surfing and being in the ocean all the time I’d probably have my beautiful doll lashes all year long but they don’t do so well in the ocean (just a warning). Also just a heads up – for both deals, you will need to become a member before you can get the deal – its super easy – and its FREE!

Hope you enjoy your Hawaii Bridal Deals of the Week!

xoxo ~ Best Day Ever Hawaii, your Hawaii Wedding Planner

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