Happy Earth Day!

Eco-Friendly Weddings are the new shabby chic! In honor of Earth Day, we would like to share our Top 7 Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips…

Tip1:  Eco-Friendly Favors!  Check out these Nature Bird Seed favors from Etsy.  Super cute hearts made of birdseed and biodegradable material make the perfect wedding favors.

happy earth day, earth day, ecofriendly wedding, green wedding

Tip2:  Plant a Tree!  Encourage guests to start an herb garden or plant a tree by giving each guest a mini herb plant as a special wedding gift. Growing your own plants and herbs at home saves money, gas, and tons of waste!

hawaii weddings, go green, green weddings, plant a tree

PHOTO CREDIT: Marvelous Things Photography

Tip3: Choose an Eco-Friendly Venue.  Check out venues that are earth-friendly.  One that comes to mind here on Oahu is the Loulu Palm who has recycling bins they encourage you to use onsite. Ask each venue if they are eco-friendly and what efforts they are making to be so.

hau'ula beach house, beach house wedding, outdoor wedding, hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, best day ever hawaii, janah and justin

Tip4: Buy a Second-Hand Dress.  Have you seen some of the gorgeous vintage gowns at www.vintageous.com? If not you have to check them out! Posh Girl Vintage also has some great pre-owned dresses, like the one shown below.

happy earth day, earth day, reuse, vintage dress, vintage wedding dress

Tip5: Use Real Dishes.  Using real chinaware, silverware, cloth napkins, glasses and tablecloths (that can be washed and re-used) will save tons of trash and will look so much more elegant!  Check out our website for vintage chinaware rentals!

happy earth day, earth day, ecofriendly wedding, green wedding, vintage plates

Tip6: Eco-Friendly Wedding Sites.  Check out: Intimate Weddings, Eco-Beautiful Weddings, and Eco and Elsie for great earth-friendly wedding tips and tricks! Here are some great tips posted from Eco and Elsie.

happy earth day, earth day, ecofriendly wedding, green wedding

Tip7: Donate centerpiece florals. Rather than letting those gorgeous centerpieces go to waste, why not donate them to a Children’s Hospital or Senior Care Home? Best Day Ever has just introduced their “Share the Aloha” program in which we will handle the floral pick-up and drop off and all the details and coordination.  It’s your choice, you can donate one arrangement or 30 arrangements. We have set up a program with the children’s cancer floor at Kapiolani Medical Center and the four Senior Care Homes in Manoa in which we contact them ahead of time and schedule visitations.  We even create cards from you “Mr. & Mrs. Jones” and Best Day Ever, printed on recycled paper -to go with each arrangement.  The florals are hand-delivered by Erika and I and used to make someone else smile for the next few weeks. For more details on hawaii floral donations and Share the Aloha: click here.

share the aloha, best day ever hawaii, flower donations, wedding flower donations

share the aloha, best day ever hawaii, nicolette and william, flower donations, donate wedding flowers, island nursing

Hope you enjoyed our Top 7 Eco-Friendly tips!  We’ll be posting a lot more on earth-friendly favors, venues and vendors in the upcoming months as we just booked our first Eco-Friendly bride Georgia – who we are thrilled to be helping with a full coordination.  

Wishing everyone a very Happy EARTH DAY!!  

xoxo, Best Day Ever – Hawaii Wedding Planners … Erika & Nic

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