Groom’s Lies and Wipeouts Lead to Proposal

This weekend I had the pleasure of “meeting” the awesome couple that is Emily & Bill. Even though we just “met” over the phone, I instantly felt their ease and connection with each other. Throughout the conversation, they took turns speaking, no one overpowering the other, constant laughter. It’s one of the great perks of what we do, meeting great couples truly in love.hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, beach wedding, makapuu beach, makapuu beach wedding, bill and emily, best day ever hawaii

The Lovely Duo :: Bill & Emily

So, how did the couple meet? It was over three years ago, Bill spotted Emily’s profile on OkCupid. Emily had posted, “Nickelback is the 2nd worst band ever, who is the first?” Bill responded correctly with Creed, and from there they hit it off. Fast forward from their first date on April Fools of ’09 to March 01, 2011. Bill was chosen to be a participant on ABC’s Wipeout, I’m sure many of you know of this hilarious game show. The taping of the show carried on over a span of a week. Bill made it to the final round, and on the last day of taping, Bill popped the question to Emily on NATIONAL TV, in front of millions of viewers. Emily remembers the day as lies upon lies, not just from Bill, the whole Wipeout production crew was in on it. Bill had told Emily that Wipeout was incorporating “family interviews” on the show and that Emily was going to be “interviewed” so she “should wear something nice” and “maybe even paint her nails“. After being locked up in a trailer for hours, production was finally ready for her, and well….see it for yourself….

Bill may not have won the $50,000 cash, but he won the best prize of all, love with Emily that’ll last a lifetime. Congrats you two lovebirds!!

xoxo, Nicole & Erika (Best Day Ever – Hawaii Wedding Planners)

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