Solemates: the NEW Wedding Stiletto

The age old question: Can I wear an amazing heel when my wedding ceremony is outside in the grass? 

Yesterdays answer: Nope. It is probably best to opt for a wedge or flat sandal.  It’s not worth having to stand on your tippy toes the entire day to avoid your heels digging into the grass.

Todays answer: Of course! That’s what Solemates is for.  Solemates is the new high heel, stiletto protector.  It is a nearly invisible plastic piece that clips onto the bottom of your high heel creating a flatter wider surface for you to lean back on and preventing those gorgeous heels from getting stuck in the dirt. They are super discreet and so easy to use, created by former brides with the same problem.  I wish I had herd of Solemates when I tied the knot! There are tons of amazing stilettos I would have died to buy but put off because I knew I was having an outdoor wedding and did not want to spend the entire evening sinking into the grass. Those days are no more.. Solemates is the perfect answer to hig heels outdoors:)

solemates, new wedding trend, wedding stiletto

Solemates heel attachement: pretty cool huh? They clip on to the bottom of your heels and are nearly invisible.

solemates, new wedding trend, wedding stilettosolemates, new wedding trend, wedding stiletto


Love it? We do.. And I bet you’ll love the price too! Just $9.95 to wear your beloved Jimmy Choos at your outdoor Hawaii wedding! Now you can have your cake and eat it too:)


Just another Hawaii Wedding tip from Best Day Ever,
Your premiere Hawaii Wedding Planner and Event Designer.

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