Top 3 Tips for Writing your Vows

Writing your vows can be super intimidating ~ after all, how do you put a lifetime of love and promises into a 5 minute, one paragraph speech… Well, maybe it’s not as tough as you think…

Here are our Top 3 Tips for Writing the Perfect Vows:

Tip 1. Jot down ideas of what you want to say a few days or weeks prior. Don’t wait til the last minute, that will just stress you out more. Take a little time jotting down some notes on exactly what your fiancee means to you. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but taking the time to organize your thoughts will help big time when it comes to figuring out exactly what you want to say.

Tip 2. Practice. Go through what you want to say, write it down and then practice a few times. Say it in the shower, in the car, to your best friend. You can always take a note up incase you forget what you’re going to say but chances are if you’ve practiced a little bit, you won’t need one… and instead you can look straight into your soon to be husband or wifes eyes, making the experience so much more special.

Tip 3. Be Sincere. This is the most important tip of all…  Don’t worry so much about coming up with the perfect poem or phrase that will represent who you as a couple…  instead focus on exactly what this special day means to you and what marrying the love of your life means to you. Speak from the heart and mean every word… that is enough.  It will be perfect, we promise you.

Check out this great video created by Ray Roman Films – the brides vows are spectacular! Totally heartfelt and honest. You can just see how she touches the grooms heart.. ahhh, such a tear jerker! The rest of the video is super sweet too! Love it!!


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xoxo, Hawaii Wedding Planner ~ Best Day Ever!

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