Zank You – A Modern Day Gift Registry

One of the easiest ways to make guests aware of the best gifts to get you is to create a registry.  But what if you don’t really need any extra kitchen or house gifts and really could just use a little cash to make up for all the money you spent on the wedding? Or what if you really could just use a little help to fund that honeymoon you’ve been wanting to take but aren’t sure if you can afford?  Zankyou is one of the best cash (and gift!) registries we’ve come across. With an online cash gift wedding registry and free wedding website, Zankyou is the best option for  today’s modern couples. The options are endless when it comes to what you can register for and with Zankyou’s easy to use four Gift ideas, you can create your own customized registry in minutes. Added Bonus: At only 2.85% per gift, Zankyou’s rates are among THE LOWEST on the market. You get the cash equivalent of the gift contributions to your bank account so you can take the cash or buy the actual gift when you’re ready If guests decide to cover the cost of the surcharge, then the registry is ABSOLUTELY FREE for you! It’s the perfect way to set up a registry for your wedding today! Check out Zankyou (by clicking on the link here) and let us know your thoughts:)

zank you, gift registry, modern gift registry, modern trends

Original post and tip from Once Wed.

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xoxo, Hawaii Wedding Planner ~ Best Day Ever!

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