Share the Aloha – Micah & Rhochelle… a BIG Mahalo!

A big Thank You to Micah and Rhochelle for donating their archway pieces to our “Share the Aloha” program.  I was able to hand-deliver the florals to two separate Senior Care homes in Manoa (Manoa Senior Care) and let me tell you… they were nothing short of thrilled!


Jane and Hazel both wanted to personally thank Micah and Rhochelle for the “BEAUTFIUL Flowers!!” Hazel could not believe that the couple would be so kind as to share such a gorgeous and giant centerpiece with them. She kept saying “No, really? Wow!!! You be sure to tell them Thank YOU!”

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We’d also like to thank Pat at Volcano Orchids for creating the pieces!

What is Share the Aloha? Can I donate some of my Wedding Flowers? How do I find out more?

For any of our couples (or even if you are not one of our couples.. ), If you would like to donate some of your florals (even if it is only the archway pieces, it doesn’t matter), please send us an email at and we’d be happy to arrange all the details.  We also do donations to Kapiolani Medical Center, working directly with the cancer childrens floor.  All donations are hand delivered by myself and /or erika and we always send you photos and attach a note from you to the florals.  Senior’s especially LOVE them! It’s really a great way to make a difference in someones life! Free of charge, we do it just for the smiles!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

For more info: Check out our Share the Aloha page on our website here: Hawaii Wedding Flower Donations.

xoxo! Happy FRIDAY!! Woohoo!

Nicole (& Erika), Hawaii Wedding Planners, Best Day Ever!

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