Save the Date Postcards

Save the Date Postcards are a fun way to let family and friends know about all the amazing events you have planned for them on the week of your wedding. They also address special details guests need to be aware of on your wedding day.  What a great way to keep guests in the loop and super excited about the days to come!

One of our favorite couples – Sarah and Dave, had an idea to do a Save the Date(s) Postcard / Wedding Map.  I of course, love the idea – of the vintage style wedding postcard and cannot wait to design one for this very special couple. With a little research and a lot of illustrator work.. I was well underway to creating a super personalized beautiful postcard for Sarah.

There were a few key events that needed to be RSVP’d for before the wedding and a Postcard was the perfect way to let guests know all the details.  I decided to use a bunch of fun fonts and Sarahs muted purple and lavender colors and incorporated these elements into a vintage feeling design.  A few more hours of illustrating the personalized map, adding in some key Hawaii landmarks and roadways, and the result…. a perfect Save the Date(s) Hawaii Vintage Postcard! 

Here’s the final piece that Dave & Sarah sent out to their guests:

Super cute and really fun right? If you are considering having a Hawaii Wedding with a weeklong event schedule,  Save the Date Postcards are a great way to keep guests right on schedule!

We’d love to hear your thoughts! And of course, if you’d like your very own Save the Date Postcard – do not hesitate to contact us, the sooner the better! email the designer (nicole, me!) today~

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And lastly, a big congrats to Sarah and Dave who are right in the middle of their big Wedding Week right now! … and the main event is going off tomorrow!  ♥♥Happy (almost) Wedding Day Sarah & Dave – 6.23.12!♥♥

xoxo – nicole (&erika)
Your favorite Hawaii Wedding Planning team ~ Best Day Ever

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