Really Cool Wedding Invitations from PostScript Brooklyn…

If you’re like me and you love simple beautiful designs with personalized touches…  oh, and of course just about anything letter-pressed, then you will love the Post Script Brooklyn Wedding Invitation Company.  They feature a bunch of sophisticated, urban and really fun designs by local artists but my favorite thing about these invites, is that they’re completely customizable.

Just to give you a little idea of what you will find at the PS Brooklyn sitecheck out these Wedding Invitation suites for some inspiration: PS>> click on the photos to enlarge, its hard to see the details at a distance…

wedding invitations

For the Hawaii Eco-Friendly bride or the Rustic Bride check out the Ramble Suite (shown above).  Loving this super simple deer couple, and woodsy creatures topped off with a bunches of mushrooms!  This wedding invitation collection is from Jane Buck and can be found here.  We think its the perfect invitation for any outdoorsy or nature-loving couple and is shown here on cotton paper with white envelopes, digitally printed in moss and pewter inks. PS>> Pewter is totally the new Wedding Color for 2012 – I can’t tell you how many brides I’ve spoken with lately who are loving pewter… and I don’t blame them! A gorgeous purple greyish shade of pewter could pair up with just about any color to make any Hawaii Wedding shine!

wedding invitations

Hawaii Vintage brides have to check this – DeGraw Street Wedding Invitation Suite out… as it’s simple (yet fun) design is to die for. Loving the personalized touches especially the printed envelopes – Which btw, if you order NOW – you can get a super discount on by adding in a special Ruffled discount code. What the heck is Ruffled? Ruffled is one of the best wedding blogs out there – in my opinion, and today they featured a special deal to all of their readers: Free return address printing on a wedding invitation order with the code “Ruffled Brooklyn”. If you haven’t already checked out the Ruffled Blog site – be sure to start paying it some major attention – they have tons of great wedding ideas daily. Here’s the link.

And a few more of my favorite Wedding Invitations from PostScript Brooklyn:

wedding invitations

Washington Square – shown above. SOoo fun~ Love it!

wedding invitations

Spring Street Wedding Invitation Suite (shown above), check out more details here.

wedding invitations

This “Come Fly With Me” Wedding Invitation Suite (shown above) – is quite possibly my favorite.. Imagine it with Hawaii instead of NYC – Super personalized and so very cute! Everything is customizable ~ Talk about setting a great tone for the start to an amazing dream Destination Hawaii Wedding!

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of Wedding Inspiration and loved these invitations as much as I did! Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think:)

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever ~ You’re favorite Hawaii Wedding Planning Team

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