Share the Aloha ~ Flower Donations continue to make a Difference with Hawaii’s Kupuna

We received an email from the lovely bride Laurel a few weeks ago inquiring about our Hawaii Flower Donation Program ~ Share the Aloha.  Laurel was getting married in Hawaii on June 5th (yesterday) and wanted to donate her bouquet to a greater cause. I was very excited and immediately set the details up on when and where to meet, and then yesterday afternoon I ventured into Waikiki to meet Laurel and her husband to be ~ Dan.

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The beautiful bride and groom ~ Laurel & Dan Tie the Knot! Congratulations you two!  Thank you so much for your generous donation.. I am happy to say you made one little lady ~ named Elsie very happy!

Elsie is 93 years old.. and she resides at Manoa Senior Care in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Some of the residents at senior care homes (at least the ones that we have been too) don’t often get a lot of visitors, so when they do get one, they hold on to you and don’t want to let you go:) … this was Elsie.  I told her about Laurel and she could not believe that a beautiful bride would want to give her flowers to such an old lady. I told her, it’s because she was special and then she proceeded to tell me stories about how  beautiful she used to be and how she looked like “the girl from Hawaii Five-0, but with bigger boobies.”  I told her she was still very beautiful.

We stuck around and hung out, talking story with Elsie for a while and listening to her stories about her very handsome nephews and how she was the one who discovered, how you should use Aloe on your face to make it very beautiful – “So much better than those expensive face creams!” she said.  Hanging out with Elsie made me miss my grandma…  the ways she was so blunt and matter of factly. She always told it as it was and was the sweetest woman I know~ Elsie was just as sweet:)  My grandma passed away in December of 2010, and inspired me to start this flower donation program… spending time with these lovely ladies, always takes me back to all the time I got to spend with her.  I could not imagine a more wonderful way to spend a Friday morning. 


If any Hawaii Brides would like to make a donation, we’d love to hear from you!  It’s super easy and you can donate just a bouquet or a single centerpiece, or a whole bunch of flowers, its up to you.  If we can take pictures, we will.. but sometimes at certain health facilities we are not allowed to.  We will always try to send you an email to let you know who your flowers went to.  Want more details on Oahu’s only Wedding Flower Donation Program? Click Here. We pick up the flowers, and it’s completely free!  Make a difference today! Our e-mail address is:

Thank’s again to Laurel, Dan and all the staff at Manoa Senior Care. We really appreciate all your help:)

xo, Nicole (&Erika)
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii Wedding Planners

2 thoughts on “Share the Aloha ~ Flower Donations continue to make a Difference with Hawaii’s Kupuna

  1. I’m absolutely thrilled to “meet” Elsie. What a beautiful, wonderful, and sassy lady! I genuinely feel like these were her flowers– she just let me borrow them for a few hours.

    Thank you so much for starting Share the Aloha. Getting to spread some love a little bit farther was truly one of the highlights of our wedding day.

    • Thanks Laurel! I’m so glad I got to meet you and share your flowers with Elsie.. It was such a treat to see her smile. But it’s all owed to you! We hope you had a wonderful wedding here on Oahu, Thank YOU so much for your beautiful donation! PS>> You looked gorgeous! I’m sure the wedding was amazing too:)

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