DIY Mondays ~ Fresh Lavender & Wedding Centerpieces

I love lavender – it’s so simple and beautiful, and it smells oh so relaxing, soothing, ah-ma-zing~!!  Here’s the best part – it’s very inexpensive, and it has tons of uses.  Today however, we’ve got big plans for lavender and your wedding centerpieces. Ok then, let’s get right to it…

How to use Fresh Lavender to create Beautiful Centerpieces:

Lavender Centerpiece Idea#1: Beautiful Lavender Pots.

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You will need: Lavender plants, beautiful pot, fresh soil 

How to do it:
Step 1: Spend some time collecting several beautiful pots to use as centerpieces.  Pot pictured above is from Anthropologie, but it is completely up to you what style and color pot you’d like to use.  Get creative, and try to have your pot match your personal style and wedding theme.  You will be surprised how many great pots you can find at garage sales or second hand stores.  You might even consider using old vintage glasses and bowls, these make very pretty pots and are usually very inexpensive!  TIP: to save time, or if you want everything to match, buy glass bowls at your local Pier One (you can almost always find a bunch of pretty dish ware on clearance $1-$3 each).

Step 2: Next, buy small lavender plants from your local nursery, Home Depot or Lowes. Small potted plants usually only cost about a dollar or two.

Step 3: Fill each pot (or bowl) with soil and transfer the lavender plants.  Water and give sunlight, let grow ~ you’ve just created a beautiful and simple centerpiece your guest can enjoy for months to come.

Step 4: Do a sample table setting, to get an idea of how they will look. Take pictures and give them to your Hawaii wedding planner so that they can recreate your vision.  A few different sized plants surrounded by a few simple tea lights could make a beautiful centerpiece at a fraction the price of normal centerpieces. NOTE: this is is a project you must start early, give yourself enough time to get all of them done, and make sure to keep healthy until the big day:) 

Lavender Centerpiece Idea#2: Fresh Lavender Scented Candles.

diy, diy mondays, diy weddings, fresh lavender, wedding centerpieces

You will need: Fresh Lavender, Scented Candles, thin wire, simple ribbon

How to do it:
Step 1: Buy scented candles and fresh lavender. Cut all lavender to be just slightly taller than the height of the candle.

Step 2: Fasten a think wire around the middle of the candle.  Don’t tie to tight as you will need to slip sprigs of lavender into this wire. The wire holds the lavender in place.

Step 3, Tie ribbon around the wire to hide it and secure with a simple bow.  Note: for best results you should do this project either the morning of the wedding or the day before.  This may mean you might need an entourage of wonderful friends helping you out.  It’ll be worth it though.. these candles once lit, will be absolutely stunning.  Of course if you don’t mind the lavender being a little bit dried out, you can always do this project ahead of time ~ lavender stays purple and looking pretty for quite a long time.

When floral centerpieces usually start at $40+++, a simple project like this one can save you a ton of money ~ and will be just as beautiful!  In fact, both projects cost less than $10 each!  A little bit of time and a lot of heart can keep your Hawaii Wedding on budget and still oh-so-pretty!

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed our little DIY project! We’d love to hear your comments~

xo, Nicole (&Erika)
Best Day Ever, Hawaii Wedding Planner

Photos courtesy of OnceWed

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