Sky Lanterns Banned in Hawaii

Brides wanna know…  what’s the deal with Sky Lanterns (aka Fire Lanterns) in Hawaii?  Are the allowed?  Are the legal?  What’s the story? 

Being in the wedding business, it’s our job to know all the state laws regarding Sky Lanterns (aka Fire Lanterns) and well, anything wedding connected I suppose… so heres the deal.  As of last week, Sky Lanterns have been officially banned in Hawaii.  Erica from the Wall Street Journal (yes, the Wall Street Journal – how very exciting right?!!)  actually contacted us to get some feedback on how this new law would affect the wedding industry.  Do brides really care? and how will Hawaii brides feel about this new rule?

Well, if you didn’t already know what Sky Lanterns are, they’re biodegradable lanterns that float up and into the sky when you light an open flame underneath of them.  They are often used at weddings, guests fill them with good wishes before they let a bunch of them free to float up into the sky.  It’s a beautiful sight and a wonderful idea of something fun you can have all of your guests participate in.  Well, except for one thing – they’re a fire hazard.

sky lanterns, sky lanterns banned in hawaii, hawaii sky lanterns

They are supposed to only be lit if there are “no winds”.  If you are lucky enough to live here in Hawaii, you know that it is very unlikely that there is ever a day (or time in the day) where there is zero winds. In fact, most days have trade winds at 15-20mph.  This is what keeps the island so breezy and cool.

Sky lanterns fly because of an open flame, which burns for approximately 4 minutes… if they can fly peacefully for that amount of time they will just burn out.  They’re made of biodegradable material so when they land, they just disintegrate – Nice and easy, clean and simple.  BUT here’s the catch, the chances that they will not get picked up by a gust of wind here in Hawaii are very slim, as are the chances that they might start a brush fire.  And now, because of this, they have been officially (and legally) banned.

sky lanterns, sky lanterns banned in hawaii, hawaii sky lanterns

We hope that didn’t ruin any great wedding plans you might have had – there are plenty of other wonderful things you can do with guests in place of lighting sky lanterns.  Plus, take it from us, the last thing you want to have to deal with is starting a brush fire on your wedding day!
sky lanterns, sky lanterns banned in hawaii, hawaii sky lanterns

Want to learn more about the issue? Click here to see what Erica, the gal who interviewed us, from the Wall Street Journal wrote on the issue.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Leave us a comment!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest- Sky Lanterns

xo, Nicole (& Erika)
Best Day Ever
Hawaii Wedding Planner 

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