What Season is Right For Your Favorite Wedding Flowers?

Flower lei’s are an important part of Hawaii culture and are quite often a necessity in any island celebratory occasion.  But did you know not all island flowers are available at all times of the year?  One of our favorite bridal leis is the pikake lei, but depending on the time of year purchased, the price could range from $20-$40… yes, we know, $40 for a lei is a bit steep! But sometimes you have to pay a little more for what you really want…

That being said when it comes to pricing and availability of flowers it’s all about knowing the seasons. This means choosing your flowers around your wedding date so that you will get the best flowers for your budget and choose the appropriate flowers for your wedding season.  That’s right, proper planning can save you hundreds of dollars!

We love this handy-dandy chart from Bayside Bride that lists out popular wedding flowers and what seasons you can expect to see them.  Pin it or save it to your favorites so that you can choose the right flowers for your wedding date.  Don’t forget to keep in mind that out of season flowers can be hard to find and can get very costly!  Why not save money and deter stress by planning ahead now?!:)
favorite wedding flowers, wedding flower, flower seasonsWhether it be a lei or a bouquet, save yourself tons of stress and stay on budget by choosing flowers that are in season during your wedding month. There are tons of choices and if you don’t see your wedding flower choices on this list, don’t forget you can always just call your local florist.  They know all the details when it comes to local flowers and can probably give you tons of great tips.

Hope you enjoyed our post! Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

xo, Best Day Ever
Hawaii Wedding Planning and Event Design Team

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