The Road That Never Ends

This past June my aunt and uncle planned for a simple wedding; just the two of them. But like the stubborn family we are we decided we’d all fly up to Las Vegas and join them.  We had good intentions but like normal families we butted heads and had big arguments.  It turned what once was an intimate affair into a full blown circus!  We were quick to lose sight of the reason we were there, to celebrate a marriage between two people we love.

I don’t know if that was what my aunt had planned but the moment her and my uncle walked down the aisle to “The Road that Never Ends” by the local Hawaii musician Keali’I Reichel, everyone remembered exactly why we were there.

Is the circle that surrounds you
You can find it on the faces of your family & friends

Let it wrap it’s arms around you
And guide you on your journey down the road that never ends

A wedding song should reflect everything that’s important to you.  For my aunt it was family; having everyone there to share her special moment.  This song is not only a beautiful wedding song, but also holds a special place in my heart so I thought I would share it with all of you! 🙂 What’s your favorite wedding song? We’d love to hear your thoughts~!

xo, Kelli
Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planning

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