Wednesday Fun Fact: What’s the Significance of the Wedding Ring Anyway?

We all know that a ring on the left finger means “taken” and/or “married” right finger means “single” but have you ever wondered why we all follow this age old tradition?  It turns out there is more to it then just tradition… here’s the real reason the left finger is so important …

“The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because it is the only finger with a vein that connects to the heart ♡.”

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Who would have thought!?   I was pretty amazed so I thought I’d share this little fun fact with all of our favorite Hawaii Brides!

And for all of you destination brides, here’s another fun Hawaii fact – wearing a flower in your left ear, means “taken” and right ear – you guessed it…  means “single”.   Locals often tuck a little plumeria behind their ear not only because it’s really pretty… but also to show whether they are or aren’t in a relationship.  Keep this in mind when you’re here on vacation and are thinking about picking up a plumeria to tuck behind your ear.

wedding hairstyles

Yup, that’s me w/ my sis – left ear flower = “taken”:) Super cute fashion statement.. right? And now you know…  it also means so much more!

Thoughts? Comments> ?? Or perhaps you have your own little fun wedding fact to share, we’d love to hear!

Happy Wednesday everyone:)

xo, Nic & Erika
Best Day Ever Hawaii
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