Worry Free Hair & Make-Up Tips – Hawaii Beach Wedding

Outdoor beach weddings are gorgeous but sometimes the warm Hawaii weather can prove to be a challenge when it comes to maintaining flawless makeup and beautiful hair.  Since we specialize in outdoor beach weddings, we have gotten to work with some of the best make-up artists in town, and come across tons of Great Tips for all of our outdoor Hawaii brides.

Here are a few of our FAVORITE Hair & Make-Up Tips that will help any Hawaii bride get through her big day without so much as an eyelash out of place!

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Tip #1: Opt for fake lashes rather than mascara-they add a touch of glam and eliminate the chance of smudging. Be sure to let your make-up artist know you are having an “outdoor beach wedding” so that she can apply the lashes well to ensure that they will not blow off in the Hawaii wind. Fake lashes are wonderful, they look amaze-balls in photos and stay on for hours and hours on end. You only get married once, glam it up!

Tip #2: Dab instead of wipe! Lightly blotting your face will mean less smearing and fewer touch-ups.

Tip #3: Waterproof make-up. Ask your make-up artist to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Even if you don’t think you’re going to cry… you never know what speeches and songs are going to move you and it’s best not to take chances. You probably won’t have a ton of time to fix your make-up if you do end up crying a tear or two, so come prepared. Make-up is usually applied hours before the ceremony and it needs to last all night. Let your make-up artist know this ahead of time so she can work her magic accordingly.

Tip #4: Updo’s are best when it comes to outdoor weddings.  Consider a simple updo for your beach wedding. While long loose curls are gorgeous, they often fall out after a few hours…  meanwhile, updo’s stay in place for hours and look great even in the wind. Hawaii is one of those places where you never really know what kind of weather you are going to get. Even on the sunniest clearest days there are trade winds and the closer you are to the ocean, the winder it will probably be.  Be sure to style your hair accordingly & always bring extra pins just in case.

Tip #5: Bring a small bag of Make-up Touch-Up’s! A compact or brush & dusting powder and a small lipstick and gloss touch-up will do wonders. Ask your wedding planner or maid of honor to hold it for you and to remind you to do touch-ups right before photo’s and mid-reception. A little lip gloss at the end of the night will keep your photos looking just as gorgeous at the end of the night as they did in the beginning:)

Tip #6: Have fun, relax & really enjoy your “Best Day Ever”.  If you’re not having a good time, no make-up or hair secret will cover it up. True joy is the best make-up secret around and it will show in photos. This day only comes once… Enjoy it! 

If you have any makeup tips of your own we’d love to hear them! 🙂

YAY for Friday!  Hope you’re having a great one!

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

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