Inspiration Tuesday’s ~ Lucky Bamboo!

inspiration tuesday, lucky bamboo, bamboo favors

PHOTO CREDIT: Love to Know Weddings

I recently went to a birthday party and was given a lucky bamboo plant as a favor.  Over the years I’ve seen these beautiful plants pop up everywhere from grad parties to birthday celebrations to showers etc.  There are many reasons why lucky bamboo is so popular here in the islands.  One reason is that they are readily available locally.  Hawaii brides can easily purchase these in China town or at open markets in a variety of sizes and shapes. These plants are also easy to maintain so they can be purchased ahead of time, magic words for any party planner!

Did you know that Lucky Bamboo is used for much more than looks? It’s generally associated with feng shui and the number of bamboo shoots determines its meaning.  One shoot represents simplicity and innocence.  Two shoots represent love and a happy relationship.  Three shoots represents happiness, fertility and family.

Lucky Bamboo can be incorporated into flower arrangements, centerpieces, favors and even graphic designs.  Its versatility and affordability are a few of the reasons why I love it! Want more info? Love to Know Weddings shares everything you need to know from favor ideas to how to care for your plant.

Imagine a few Lucky bamboo plants in a variety of simple clear vase perhaps of different heights & filled with wedding stones that match your wedding colors.  What a simple and affordable way to create a very chic centerpiece! Lucky bamboo could also be a great idea for wedding favors!

Thoughts? We’d love to hear them!

Happy Inspiration Tuesday!
Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Favorite Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

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