Inspiration Tuesday’s ~ We LOVE Ombre!

Ombre has been a HUGE trend this summer!!  Even as we transition into fall, this trend is showing no signs of slowing down!   What is “ombre” anyway?  Well, let me fill you in, the word “ombre” you use colors in similar tones or shades to fade into each other graduated from light to dark.  This trend is most commonly used to refer to a coloring hair style but I’ve noticed that many brides have begun using this idea as inspiration for all parts of their wedding! Loving this styling sample below in shades of blues!

inspiration tuesdays, ombre, ombre weddings, ombre dresses


Other ideas on how to incorporate Ombre to your Hawaii Wedding:

1. Cake

  • From frosting to the actual cake color, ombre has changed the typical white wedding cake in a colorful and dessert!

2. Dresses for bridal party

  • Gwen Stefani’s may have been one of the first few brides to rock an ombre wedding dress.  She looked stunning in a fun dress that transitioned from white into a vibrant hot pink!  If you have one or two bridesmaids you could follow the same idea as above including all shades in one dress.  If you have multiple bridesmaids try having each girl wear a different shade and arrange them from light to dark.inspiration tuesdays, ombre, ombre weddings, ombre dresses

    Photo courtesy of WIREIMAGE

3. Nails

  • If you liked out accent nail post you’ll love this! Taking similar shades and paint each nail a different color darkest to lightest, from the thumb to the pinky.  You can also try ombre-ing each nail by painting a solid base coat and sponge painting along the tips slowing getting darker as you reach the ends.

The ombre trend is a beautiful way to utilize color. Don’t limit yourself to the above three!  I’ve seen the ombre trend on everything from place cards to flower arrangements so  explore some of your own ideas! Here’s a final tip: Utalize bright colors for an outdoor summer wedding and darker and warmer shades for an indoor fall wedding.
Hope love this trend as much as I do!

Let us know what you think! 🙂 We’d love to hear your thoughts!

xo, Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Favorite Wedding Planning + Event Design Team
Hawaii Wedding Planners

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