Vendor Spotlight : Creatrix Photography

Each week we try to feature a super special vendor whom we think our favorite Hawaii brides-would love!  This week, we are featuring Creatrix Photography- local photography company owned by Jenna Clark a fun loving, hopeless romantic and a strong believer of love.

Meet Jenna!
vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photographyHawaii Wedding Photographer, and owner of Creatrix Photography

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photographyvendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

Jenna started her business in March of 2011 but has years of photography experience.  We love her enthusiasm and dedication!  After seeing her work I’m sure you’ll love her as much as we do!

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

Here’s more of our interview with Jenna…

What makes your style or you as a photographer different from other wedding photographers?  My goal at the end of the day isn’t to take a bride’s money, but to become her friend. I want to hang out, have a glass of wine and giggle over weddings and the men in our lives. I want to be emotionally invested in her special day, because the images are a billion times better that way.

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

What kind of experience can couples expect when they work with you? I’m a boutique wedding photographer so I only photograph three weddings a month. This allows me to focus on each couple as they should be focused on. It’s their wedding day and there is no reason they should be a number on my calendar.  I respond to most emails within eight hours, I make custom websites for my clients, I like to buy them drinks to get to know them, I show up early to all of my weddings and I deliver images in 30 days. I like to keep everything simple for my clients, to avoid confusion.

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

What are a few of your favorite past wedding experiences? My most recent favorite was the wedding I shot in Seattle, Washington. The bride flew me to Seattle, after talking with me for months in a coffee shop (she was my barista!). The wedding took place in a modern barn, she wore a gorgeous dress with a vintage veil and was fabulous! I was given an hour to just photograph her and her husband, which was awesome!!! I feel that if you’re paying thousands for wedding photography, you should make the time on your wedding day to get your money’s worth!

What is your avg. price range for packages?
On average, my brides can expect to spend around $3000 to get all of their bases and wedding covered.

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

Are there any key things couples should look for when hiring a photographer?

1.  Usually, cheaper is not better. I put in, on average, 30 hours into a wedding. With all of the emails, meetings, research, day of work, editing, more emails, insurance, equipment and gifts, it adds up. I like to spoil my clients, but this would be impossible if I charged $800 for a wedding.

2. Find someone you like. I know this seems like a “duh!” moment, but most brides don’t realize that photographers are there with you more than anyone on your wedding day. We see you happy, sad, scared, nervous and sometimes, angry. You need to hire someone you REALLY like, otherwise you’ll be unhappy with the results.

3. Ask to see examples of full weddings. Our websites showcase the best of the best, because the average consumer spends about 30 seconds on a website at initial arrival. If we don’t catch your eye immediately, we’ve failed. So when you find someone you adore, ask to see full weddings, so you know how they shoot receptions and other moments. If someone can’t show you at least two full weddings, run for the hills!

Are there any details or things to look out for couples should think about on the day of a shoot? I prefer brighter colors and always tell clients to avoid neutral colors, like khaki, forest green, navy blue or brown in any form. Accessorize and do your nails! Get your hair and makeup done! These images will be with you for the rest of your life, so take a break and let a professional take care of you!

vendor spotlight, creatrix photography, hawaii photography

A week before the wedding, I normally email a bride and remind her to bring a nice hanger for her dress. Nothing ruins a hanging dress picture like a hideous plastic hanger. I also remind her to wear a nice outfit while getting ready. I’ve had brides walk around with their business hanging out and those images have to be deleted.

The best light is an hour after sunrise and an hour and a half before sunset. Keep this in mind for your ceremony and pictures! I would strongly suggest working with your photographer on locations and even visit the venue with them prior to the wedding, at the time your wedding will take place. This helps you collaborate with them and help start a vision of the day!

Any special tips for couples looking for a wedding photographer who are tight on budget?  Some photographers give discounts to weddings on a weekday, but I’m a strong advocate for not skimping on wedding photography. The wedding day passes VERY quickly for everyone and at the end, the only way you’ll remember certain details is when you look at your photographs. DO NOT spend less money on someone, unless you’re POSITIVE you’ll be pleased with the results.   I really believe photography is an investment in your memories. Don’t haggle on what is the one form of capturing your day for the rest of your life.

What is one tip you can offer couples in regards to photography on their wedding day?  Do a first look! Besides the emotional benefits of doing a first look (i.e. getting the tears out of the way in private, having a moment with your honey before the chaos of the day begins) you can also get the pictures of the both of you done immediately. That way, if the ceremony or family pictures run long, you won’t have lost time for just the both of you.

We love this tip Jenna:) Couples take note – all of these tips are really good ones!!

What is one tip you can offer couples who are planning their wedding… something they may have overlooked that could make their day run smoother or something they should keep in mind on their big day?  The one thing I would say to keep in mind, is that at the end of the day, you’re married. So on the day, don’t stress anymore because there is nothing that you can do. Did the florist bring the wrong flowers? Minister drunk? There’s nothing you can do, so just choose to enjoy the day!
Want to know more? Leave us a comment here or visit Jenna’s website Creatrix Photography! 🙂

There you have it!  Our featured vendor of the week – Hawaii Wedding Photographer, Jenna from Creatrix Photography.  If you’re still looking for a photographer for your special day, be sure to check her out!  

Hope you enjoyed the tips from Jenna ~ and our little glimpse into Creatrix Photography… Until next time, Happy Wednesday!

xo, Nicole
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

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