Trendy Tosses – Petals or Rice?

The throwing of rice at a newly married couple has been a wedding tradition for centuries.  The idea originated as a way to wish the bride and groom a prosperous life together.  In certain parts of the world guests would throw nuts, raisins and figs to represent a “fruitful” union. Love the play on words! 🙂  Today the traditional rice tossing has been swapped for more modern options like petals or bubbles, but the general meaning behind it remains the same.

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Feeling a little unsure about using rice? Here are a few other…

Hawaii Trendy Tossing Favorites:

  1. Bubbles…  Great for all ages and virtually no cleanup
  2. Sparklers… unfortunately not allowed in Hawaii but definitely fun for any other destination wedding
  3. Flower Petals… try traditional flowers like rose petals or local favorites like plumerias and orchids. Best Day Ever TIP: Make sure you pick up the petals afterwards, this is something most couples never think of, but many venues require. Check with your venue to find out if petal clean up is required. You don’t want to lose your deposit because you didn’t pick up your petals.  Most wedding planners are aware of this general rule and will pick up the petals for you.  We definitely do, but be sure to check first!

Personalized Love Bubbles – LOVE This !  We (the Best Day Ever team) design the labels to match your wedding colors and theme – Completely personalized w/a special message to the guests on the back. The perfect addition to any Hawaii Wedding. Since each order is custom, please email for pricing. Special pricing for all of our couples who have already booked with us 🙂
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Whether it be bubbles, rice, petals or even fruits & nuts, if you do decide to take part in this fun tradition make sure to plan well in advance.  It’s important to keep your venue in mind.  Certain venues may limit you on what you can and cannot throw.  If you’re having an outdoor wedding make sure to choose items that are biodegradable or that can easily be recollected.   You want to make sure your venue will be picture perfect for future brides!

PS- If you’re sticking with tradition and you’re worried about birds getting sick from eating the uncooked rice don’t be! it’s been scientifically proven that uncooked rice is perfectly safe! :)Jason + Bianca 8/03/12 Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

What are you thinking? Petals or bubbles – Or maybe it’s something else completely, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Do share!

Happy Tuesday Hawaii Brides & Grooms ❤ Happy Planning!

Kelli + Nicole
Best Day Ever
Hawaiis Premiere Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

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