Hawaii Weddings Go Green!

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Sustainability is a beautiful thing!! Hawaii is one of those places where nature takes center stage.  It’s important for us to preserve our plants and resources so future generations can experience the same beauty.  I think it’s great when Hawaii weddings can incorporate things that are good for the environment.  Marvelous Things Photography shot a beautiful wedding that incorporated sustainability in a meaningful and elegant fashion.  The couple Danny and Janelle planted a tree together in place of doing a unity candle or sand pouring.  A young tree was placed into a clear vase and the bride and groom each had a small glass filled with soil which they poured into the main vase and generously watered. (Don’t worry the bride and groom remained dirt and sweat free!) The idea behind this was to watch the newly potted plant grow alongside their marriage.

If you remember our previous post on the Fisherman’s Knot you’ll know that at Best Day Ever we’re all about one-of-a-kind personalized weddings.  We love unique wedding touches that make a ceremony extra special.  This idea has beautiful symbolism and would be a perfect addition to any outdoor wedding.

Do you have any sustainable wedding ideas to share? We’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Best Day Ever
Hawaii Wedding Planning & Event Design

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