DIY Monday’s ~ Edible Sea Glass Wedding Favors (PART 1)

Growing up on the beautiful island of O’ahu in Hawaii, of my favorite pastimes was hanging out at the beach and going treasure hunting … and I’m not talking about searching for pirate treasure.  I used to love hunting for unique sea shells and pretty shards of sea glass.  I even had a few friends who would spend hours hunting down the perfect pieces and turn them into fun art projects.  Now here’s the fun part – For all you crafty DIY Hawaii Brides, here are a few fun ways to incorporate these beauties into wedding favors for a Hawaii beach themed wedding! This will be a two part blog so stayed turned for part two next week!

Edible Sea Glass Hawaii Wedding Favors ~ LOVE!!

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Without further ado here is a simple and quick recipe for edible sea glass by the Partiologist – an avid party blogger with a passion for celebrations…   What’s great about these is that you won’t have to scour every beach in Hawaii to find them plus they’re completely edible! Check it out! >>>

diy, diy mondays, edible sea glass, sea glass, sea glass wedding, sea glass wedding favorsHow to create Edible Sea Glass Wedding Favors – in 6 easy steps!

1.Boil 2 cups of sugar, ½ cup of water and 2/3 club of white corn syrup together until you reach the “hard crack” stage (300 degrees F) and add your choice of flavoring or food coloring.

2. Pour mixture into a cookie sheet (aka. jelly roll pan) greased with a cooking spray.

3. Allow to cool and break into pieces using a knife.

4. Lightly sprinkle the candy shards with powdered sugar and toss to prevent sticking.

5. Take a small clear plastic bag add 1 Tbl sp. Of raw sugar and a little white chocolate sea shell to each bag then add the edible candy.

6. Finish each bag off by tying a ribbon or piece of tulle.

Customize the flavor and color according to your personal preference.  Like all of our favorite and ultra unique hawaii brides, each piece of candy is one of a kind.  Love that!

Pretty cool right? ~ And the best part… It’s very inexpensive & oh-so-easy!

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our DIY Monday Post!
Do share your thoughts!  We’d love to hear them! 🙂

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PHOTO CREDIT: Partiologist