GoPRO >> The Secret to Capturing your Hawaii Wedding’s Best Moments!

We recently came across a fabulous idea on YouTube – The Secret GoPro Wedding Camera.  For those of you who don’t know, a GoPro camera is a tiny little camera that shoots amazing wide angle footage in HD. They can cost somewhere between the $200-$300 range and can be a great investment for any adventurous couple.  The GoPro camera is used mainly for outdoor activities such as surfing, snowboarding, skydiving, etc. because of it’s ability to capture such amazing footage.  But… we have found they can also be perfect at capturing weddings.

go pro, go pro wedding

You’re probably wondering what this fabulous piece of machinery has to do with weddings.. Well, check this video out:

This clever couple hid a GoPro camera into the bridal bouquet and caught some amazing footage of the entire wedding day.  I’m pretty surprised my husband hadn’t thought of that for our wedding (since he is GoPro obsessed) … I just showed him the video and he was like “dammit! We should have done that!”.  Exactly what I was thinking!

It’s a pretty awesome idea and could be edited into a really fun video later.  You’ll be able to capture the entire day and probably some of the **sweetest moments, straight from your perspective.  I’m sure the “I do” moment is killer from this angle too!

So yes, I thought I just had to share this wonderful idea with you, all of our favorite bride & grooms (and vendors!) so that all you brides to be can take advantage of this super easy, really fun, and extremely inexpensive way to capture all of your special days most intimate moments.

Pretty awesome right? Yeah, we thought so too! 🙂

Happy Tuesday !  Cheers to a short week & an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!

Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

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