Name Change Checklist – Hawaii Brides Pin this NOW!

A lot changes happen after you get married, a partner for life, a new family, a new place to live etc.  Through all these changes brides can often overlook the changing of their last name.  Your name is your identity and it follows you everywhere you go so make sure you’re prepared and change all the necessary things!

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Here’s a few I think are definite essentials:

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Banking Information
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance Cards

What else do you need to know and what steps do you take to start the name change process here in Hawaii? Lucky for you we’ve got it all laid out, in our most Popular blog post – How to change your name in Hawaii. Check it out today or PIN it now and check back later – it’s got every detail you need to know for brides changing their name here in Hawaii – including, where to go, who to call, where to park, etc.  The complete insiders gude to changing your maiden name to your married name.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

xo, Nicole + Kelli
Best Day Ever Hawaii
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