Rain, Rain, Come Today

One of the biggest things an outdoor bride will worry about is the chance of rain on her big day.  As much as we would like to, we can’t change the weather so I say embrace it!! Rain on your wedding day could mean a bountiful of different blessings so it may actually be a good thing!!  Rain cleanses- everything usually looks fresh and clean after a little rain.  It brings unity-a wet knot is harder to pull apart then a dry one therefore the creation of a stronger bond that is not easily broken. And Good Fortune-water makes things grow and brings the hopeful expectation of a new life.hawaii beach wedding, Makapuu Beach Wedding, Mike and Amanda Wedding, oahu beach wedding, Rainy Hawaii Wedding


If you’re still feeling skeptical take a look at these wedding parties that didn’t allow a little rain to damper their celebration:

Jenn and Mike’s Rainy Day Wedding
Bridal Musings-Rustic Barn Wedding
Christina and Paul’s Rainy Romantic Wedding

One of our biggest tips to our Hawaii brides is to always be prepared.  Reserving a waterproof tent will keep everyone dry and happy regardless of the weather.  You can also try double checking your venue to see if it’s there is a back up area that you can quickly relocate to if the weather doesn’t hold up. And of course, if you have a wedding planner, they should always have a rain back-up plan!

Do you have any wedding concerns you would like us to help with? Let us know! 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone!
xo, Kelli
Best Day Ever Hawaii
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planner

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