Congrats Jeff + Yui ~ A Hawaii Wedding Video at Crystal Chapel

We just got Jeff + Yui’s Hawaii Wedding video created by James Chun & the entire gang at Crane  Media! They did a wonderful job and we just had to share…  Ceremony was held at Crystal Chapel, Paradise Cove, and the reception followed at the Paradise Cove Luau.

Enjoy!! 🙂

Congrats to Jeff & Yui!

Love you!
Nicole + Erika
Hawaii Wedding Planner
Best Day Ever

Hawaii Bridal Shower Ideas : Recipe Book!

Looking for a unique gift for your BFF and Hawaii bride-to-be to be that’s fun and affordable?  Here’s a great idea … A Recipe Book for the Bride!

Here’s how you do it:  Include a blank recipe card in your bridal shower invites.  Before the party, have each guest fill out their favorite recipe or ones they think the couple will enjoy.  On the day of the shower, collect all recipe cards and punch 2 holes in each card.  Secure with binder rings and there you have it…  the perfect gift to give to the bride ~ a starter recipe book with all of her favorite girls favorite recipes!  Super cute right?!

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This may be one of my favorite bridal gift ideas!!  With this recipe book, couples can experiment together by cooking as a pair or for each other.   It a great way for them to explore new foods and learn each other’s preferences!  Brides may even get a few “secret family” recipes 😉 Score!!  I myself have always wanted my grandma’s secret teriyaki recipe but so far no such luck.  I may need to start throwing some hints for when I get married.

Do you have any fun bridal gift ideas?  Please share we’d love to hear them! 🙂

Happy Thursday Everyone !

xo, Kelli
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