Fingerprint Guestbook – A Hawaii Wedding Keepsake!

It’s almost Christmas! Hope you have your shopping done! I’ve got a special holiday treat for all or Hawaii brides and grooms out there ~ a wonderfully unique wedding guest book idea, the Fingerprint Guest Book.

A friend of mine recently traveled to San Francisco for her sister’s wedding.  Upon returning she shared with me a few stand out details.  One that I couldn’t help but share was the fingerprint guestbook.  It’s a fun and artistic alternative to the traditional sign-in book.  The most common version of the fingerprint guest book starts off with a bare tree printed onto a large canvas.  Guests throughout the night can leave their fingerprints to create the leaves of the tree.  Depending on how big the canvas is, guests can either leave their signature or they can write a short message to the couple next to their fingerprint.

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Photo courtesy of The Ink Lab

To make it extra special, provide guest with a variety of complimentary colors.  Embellish it even further by inscribing your name, wedding date or even a love quote onto the canvas.  After the wedding it can be framed and displayed as a beautiful keepsake.  It’s a touching reminder of those who celebrated your special day with you!  My favorite part about it is that the fingerprints are placed randomly.  Marriage brings not only two people together but two entire families!

Do you have any unique guestbook ideas? We’d love to hear them! 🙂

Merry Christmas Eve!

xo~ Kelli
Best Day Ever
Hawaii’s Premiere Wedding Planning & Event Design Team

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