Another Incredible Proposal!!

What do you do when you want to surprise your future bride but she already knows you’re going to pop the question?  According to How He Asked You (a pretty awesome little blog that has tons of amazing engagement stories- you seriously gotta check this blog out if you’re ever having a crappy day, it always makes me smile).  Right so according to How He Asked You ~ you could turn the entire day into a scavenger hunt!  In this amazing engagement story : linked here.  John, the groom created a fun day filled with surprises and love!  The best part was that she didn’t know when and she didn’t know where but she eventually got the proposal she had been waiting for!

On the day of the proposal, this adorable couple Megan and John started out the day like any other except Megan was soon surprised with a letter.

Dear Megan,

I have a confession to make: there is no photo-shoot today. Instead, this day is dedicated entirely to you, the love of my life! I have been thinking about how I would ask you to marry me for quite some time. I know you have had “hunches” that it may be sometime in the fall, so it’s difficult to create that “surprise factor” without being too obvious. Instead of just popping the question out of the blue, I’m choosing to embrace the fun and excitement of getting engaged and have planned a scavenger hunt for you today. Spoiler alert – if you complete the scavenger hunt, then I will reward you by asking you a very important, life-changing question.


• You are not allowed to use your cell phone and you are not allowed to borrow any other cell phone to make calls, post to Facebook, etc.

• At each clue, you must read the clue out loud and someone must film you with a flipcam.

So follow the clues that I give you and above all, have fun! Today is all about you!


From the very beginning John covered all his bases.  Megan was escorted all day by a limo stocked with mimosas and a collection of CD’s filled with songs the couple listened to while they dated.  From there Megan spend the day wining and dining, reuniting with old friends, getting pampered at a nail salon, and shopping for a new outfit.  The day was finally complete when John proposed in a breathtakingly romantic backyard setting complete with hanging chandeliers.  This proposal was heartfelt, fun, romantic and everything else you could possibly want. Simply incredible!!I hope the future grooms out there are taking notes! 😉

I totally wanted to take the pics and include them here to show you just how awesome this story is but I didn’t want to steal How he Asked entire story and thought it be easiest to just share the link with you.  CHECK IT OUT HERE:

Engagement stories are the best!
Happy Saturday everyone!

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