A Mothers Day Tribute : How to honor your mother (and father) at your wedding

Weddings can get so crazy sometimes we forget what they’re really all about.  So why do we have a wedding? Of course the explanations are endless, but heres how I would explain it in a nutshell, a wedding is the celebration of two wonderful people deciding that they’re so perfect for each other and so in love that they can’t live without each other and they have willingly made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. And that ~ is kind of a big deal! Don’t you think? 🙂

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But there’s more, its also about the joining together of two families. Two sets of parents, two sets of siblings, two sets of grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles.  Weddings are especially sentimental to mothers, so today, on this very special Mothers Day, lets talk about a few special ways to honor your mom at your wedding.

3 Simple Sentimental Ways to honor your Mom (and dad) at your Wedding 


1. Do a Bouquet Presentation and a little Special Thank You Speech just for mom. Dad’s get the first dance, but what do mom’s get? Unfortunately this is a tradition we’ll have to incorporate ourselves.  One great idea which we have offered to our brides is to dedicate their bouquet to mom. Sometimes this is also done to grandma, or both. Before presenting the bouquet, give a little speech saying why mom is so special to you. It would also be nice to include a few memories or moments spent with mom that stand out to you. This little gesture will mean the world to her, trust me, most moms end up crying after this.  They save the bouquet and end up telling all their friends about it.  You are their pride and joy and honoring them in this way is something they will never forget.

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2. Wear Something of Moms to your Wedding.  Is her 1960’s wedding dress suddenly back in style, perhaps with a little altering? Or maybe you could wear that pearl necklace her mother gave her that you know means the world to her? Even if it’s just something small, these little things mean the world to mom and often times your wedding day is just as important to her as her wedding day was.  Show mom a little love and let her know you’re thinking about her by incorporating something of hers into your outfit and she’ll love it.

3. Frame your Parents Wedding Photos and Display them at your wedding.  This is the sweetest way to show mom that you are thinking of her. Dad will love it too.  This can also be done for grandparents. A simple way to show your nearest and dearest that today is their special day too.hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, hawaii prince hotel, hawaii prince hotel wedding, andrea and brian, best day ever hawaii


Wishing all of you brides who are mothers, and brides who are now thinking of ways to honor their mothers on their special day a Very Happy Mothers Day!   I hope you got some good ideas out of this post and in honor of my mom today, I posted our picture up top 🙂

Wishing you all the Best Day Ever !
Happy Sunday everyone !

xo >> Nicole
Best Day Ever Hawaii Wedding Planners

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