Best Day Ever’s Top Pics: 2013 Wedding Color Trends

There are certain colors that come into season and really “pop”. For Hawaii weddings these trendy colors can be seen everywhere from the décor to the fashion of the wedding party.  Do you have your wedding colors picked out yet?  If not, today, we’ll go over what have been the top trends for wedding colors in 2013. Color trends change from year to year or during different seasons, but we’ve been seeing these color schemes pop up all over the place and we’d love to give you, our favorite Hawaii Brides, a little bit of inspiration.

Bright Pastels in Corals and Aquas

Bright pastel colors are a big trend in wedding this year. We have found that coral and aqua blue seem to be everywhere this year and we can definitely see why! Bridesmaid dresses look beautiful in these colors and having all of your bridesmaids in shades of coral or aqua can really be a gorgeous way to incorporate color. If you feel your main color is too bold for a bridesmaid dress then what about adding it into a bouquet or table setting?  This can give the wedding a touch of color without being as much of a standout.  Consider neutrals with bright touches of corals OR aquas.  How elegant would that be?

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The wonderful thing about these colors is that they look great with other bright colors. Think aquas and greens or shades of pinks and corals. Layering and mixing shades of a similar color can add a lot of life and fun to décor and bridesmaid dresses. For summer weddings, coral and pink flowers are popular and look beautiful against a summer sky.

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Another fun color combination is aqua and another bright color like green or pink. Our beautiful bride Belinda did the shades of aqua and green combo beautifully! For Hawaii brides, using aqua in the color scheme makes perfect sense as we are surrounded by this color all year long.hawaii wedding, oahu wedding, halekulani hotel, halekulani hotel wedding, dane and belinda, best day ever hawaii, destination wedding, australian couple

Bright Pastels in Corals and Aquas

A third trend popular throughout wedding blogs and websites this year is grey. Grey can be a tricky color and and is often not considered a popular wedding wedding color because it can be considered industrial and dark.  However, because grey is a mid tone neutral, meaning between white and black, it pairs well with almost every color. Grey can range from very light and soft tones and can be dark and bold or light and elegant. The lighter tones pair great with pastels and summery colors like pinks and yellows while dark grey looks great when matched with other strong colors as it is not as harsh as black and thus it can soften the look.

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Grey suits are also a beautiful alternative then traditional black suits. The men from Dave and Sara’s ranch wedding certainly look happy in their steely ensembles!

So there you have it!  Our 2013 Wedding Color Trends!  🙂 What do you think? Is your color scheme part of the trend? We’d love to hear all about it! Do share!

Thanks to Rachel for her help with this blog post.  

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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